Udaipur – lake city, Rajasthan

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We started our journey on the 18th.. Took a flight from Blr to Ahemedabad late in the evening and stayed at a small motel for the night.. The Picnic started early when we hired an innova to drive us from Ahmedabad  to Udaipur – lake city, Rajasthan
Udaipur Lake City
You know you are in Rajasthan when start spotting sights like this..
Red Juicy guavas dotting the highway
Traffic Jams of the animal kind..
and colorful Truck Bumpers
We stayed at the RTDC hotel Anand Bhawan facing  Fateh Sagar Lake. we couldn’t get any good deals as it was Season.. but if you get a chance, book a room over lake pichola. scenery is way better.
Rooms were pretty comfortable with furnishings inspired by the Victorian era.. Rooms were spacious with 20 feet high ceilings.. Fun start to our trip..
a quick lunch at Hukam [ I rate it a 2/5]and we were off to see the Lake Pichola.. and the famed Jag mandir.. But it was the wedding season and unfortunately the access to this hotel was blocked.. There are normally 2 tickets one a Boat ride across pichola for 100 rs and another with a stop at Jag Mandir that costs 550 per head. Since our this plan was squashed, we decided to check the Palace instead.
Covered with bright frescoes..
view of the Udaipur city from the intricately carved window grills
It was already time for sunset and lake pichola did not disappoint us
View of the palace from the boat ride along Lake Pichola
From there we went to Ambrai [ I rate it a 5/5 just for the view] for our dinner.. and the view from this place is AMAZING..  tip #1 – Do book your table in advance. They had live music –  an artisan playing the sarangi to rajasthani tunes. Lil p danced for over an hour and  half giving free entertainment to the foreign crowd. ..
With views like this what more can you ask for…
The highlight of the dinner was the unexpected display of fireworks at the Jag Mandir which we got to enjoy..
The next day we woke up to the incessant chatter of the Jungle Babbler..
and the friendly Squirrels who ate right out of our fingers much to Lil P’s delight.
From there we drove back to Lake Pichola and took the cable car to Karni MataTemple on a hill top. You get a spectacular 360 Degree view of Udaipur city.
There were camel rides,corn cob, and we took some cute pics of Lil P in traditional Rajasthani outfit..
From there there was one thing on our minds – Shoppinggggggggggg
We bought whole lot of stuff from the handicraft emporium.. [ Tip #2 – Buy ur stuff in jaipur.. its way cheaper]
Miniature paintings..
From there we went to the Vintage car collection museum and had sumptuous veggie rajasthani lunch at the Adjoining Garden Hotel[ rate it a 3/5 ]
Post Lunch it was again shoppinggggggggg :D.. what do u expect when there are 3.5 ladies in a group 😉
Some heavy duty saree shopping happened at the nearby shop – Bandhani , lehria, Gota work..  The pic below is a 6 .5 mtr saree..
From here we drove down to Monsoon / Summer palace.. for some sunset shots..
 On the way back the driver stopped at a school for folk art where we saw a live demo at how miniature paintings are done. Bought a lovely radha krishna painting for 2100 .. pics later..
Finally we went back to the vintage car collection as it was open till 9PM and also picked our saris that had gone for Roll Press
Quick dinner at Nataraj [ Rate this a 4/5 for food and 2/5 for ambiance] .. we reached the Udaipur railway station at 10 PM for our Next stop Bharathpur


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  1. What a pretty saree! And all that shopping loot – wow!
    When when when will I ever get to see Rajasthan 🙁
    Sunset shots of the palace are the best! Luved them 🙂

  2. Wow…thats was an amazing visual treat..its was like I was there..the food awesome..the saree amazing..the picture of the paper and the paint brush…superb..well what to say…I am loving it..waiting for the part 2 🙂

  3. @Sandhya 🙂 Nw camera yay!!
    @R’s mom: Food was really awesome.. my first time with daal bati churma
    @Swaram: Ohh u shud go.. its a delight..
    @smita : Hey! welcome here.. I have a canon 550D with 3 lens – 55-250 MM IS lens.. and a 18-55mm Kit Lens and a 50mm prime lens.

  4. @Monika: shopping is always on my top list 🙂
    @Ambika: Thanks 🙂 both me n my hubby fight over who clicks better pics..
    @Emreen: My fav too.. 🙂
    @NY100: This was my first trip to rajasthan.. will surely visit again.
    @Mim: U really think so? 🙂 we are having a lot of fun with it..

  5. Rajasthan is so beautiful! I really enjoyed seeing your pictures. The shopping experience too! Hope to get to see these lovely places sometime. 🙂

  6. I haven’t been to Udaipur.. only did the Golden triangle.. Now. after seeing your post.. Im not sure I need to go any more.. 🙂

    What a lovely series of pics.. Thank you for sharing these with us.. and taking me on this lovely holiday..

    Udaipur.. has always been on my list.. of places.. to visit.. 🙂