Valentine Ferris Wheel Craft

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Valentine’s Day is a day to freely offer love, and receive some too! So this Valentine’s Day, why don’t you spread some love in your family? Today’s craft will help you do just that!

Here’s some trivia: Along with Valentine’s Day, February 14 is also Ferris Wheel Day, named after its inventor George Ferris, whose birthday falls on this day. So to celebrate both occasions, we have a special Valentine Ferris Wheel craft on Artsy Craftsy Mom today.


Materials Needed:

1. Thick cardboard (like the boxes you get when you order online)

2. Colored/Patterned Paper

3. Lolly sticks

4. Cupcake liners (small)

5. Decorative elements like ribbons, foam cutouts etc.

6. Geometry box (we’ll explain why)


Valentine Ferris Wheel craft 1

1. On cardboard, draw the shape of a Ferris wheel, twice. This is where the geometry box is needed! Use a compass to get exact circles and use a protractor to get angles to draw the spokes of the wheel. Make sure both wheels are exactly the same. For the stand, draw two identical shapes as shown in the picture.

Valentine Ferris Wheel craft 02

2. Use a cutter blade to cut out the wheels and stand pieces carefully. Smooth out any rough edges to make it neat. Stick on patterned or colored paper on all the pieces and cut out the wedges in the wheels. Make holes above each spoke on the wheels and at the top of both the stand pieces.

Valentine Ferris Wheel craft 3

3. Cut out pieces of the lolly sticks to join the spokes together, with the stick going through corresponding holes in each wheel. Ensure enough gap between the wheels for the Ferris wheel seats. Use a longer stick to connect the stand pieces on either side of the Ferris wheel, passing through its center. Cut to size; you can put some tape on the edges for a little reinforcement.

4. Now for the ‘seats’ of the Ferris wheel. Use cupcake liners or any other small cup/basket and attach them to each lolly stick piece with light weight thread. They should hang straight once done. Decorate the wheel as you like using foam cutouts, stickers or ribbon.

Your Ferris Wheel is ready!! Now to make it a Valentine Ferris Wheel, ask each member of the family to insert tiny love notes for other members and place them in the little cups. It’ll be such fun to read what everyone has to say; look, there’s a love note for you right there!!

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