How to make a Warli Art Handpainted Tray

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In 2013, I got together with Preethi from Indya kaleidoscope‚ ‚ and conducted our first Warli workshop in Bangalore.‚ 
The workshop was conducted in a quaint creative place the IK office in Koramangala and was such a learning experience for us.‚ Spread over 6 hrs .. we studied warli symbols, practiced on rough sheets then progressed to painting gift envelopes and then to A4 sized handmade papers .. and finally wooden trays.

How to make a Warli Art Handpainted Tray

Warli Tray 003
This WARLI Handpainted tray has been hand painted in warli art on a glazed wooden surface depicts a scene from the rural VILLAGES of Maharastra. The handpainting on the surface of the tray depicts that the rural villagers are blissfully dancing in group, celebrating & rejoicing during the festival time. The natural brushed patterns are visible on the top & bottom of the tray. The tray borders are beautifully designed with warli motifs. The glazed texture of the tray adds a freshness and uniqueness to any setting. It helps to serve refreshing drinks to the guests in a traditional & ethnic manner.
Outline of the workshop‚ 
Workshop Outline – 11 Am – 4PM
1. Learn the basics of Warli – Warli figures, instruments, houses, animals, trees, borders.
2. Practice on rough papers.
3. Come up with your own design for the wooden tray.
4. Break for tea / coffee
5. Create your first masterpiece on handmade paper which you can frame later
6. Break for Lunch
7. Paint your wooden tray.
This is a photo log of the event.
Warli Art Tutorial63565104_n
All basic materials for the Warli Art – Markers, Handmade paper, envelopes, Spray painted trays, ruler, brushes, white acrylic, and all our notes & happy smiles await the students
Warli Art Tutorial1
We arranged all our samples and warli art for the students to see and learn. Plus lots of study material to carry back home.
Warli Art Tutorial1353178509_n
My gorgeous Warli painted tray & Warli postbox.
Warli Art Tutorial868631461_n
The next step was to study & create a design for the tray. Practice session in progress on a rough paper with pencil.
Warli Art Tutorial89060983_n
One of the Warli designs for the tray.
Warli Art Tutorial608712761_n
The actual‚ Warli Art Tutorial353780037_nThe actual design on the tray. One of my students doing a free hand design of the Warli scene
Warli Art Tutorial608712761_n
Another view of the gorgeous tray. Can you believe the girl painting the tray was just 12?
Warli Art Tutorial1154727529_n
The completed tray. Happy Warli dancers and a permanent keepsake.
Another simpler tray .. I am in love with the border on this one
3Warli Art Tutorial_719368956_n

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