Weekend Trip to Plantation Trails Coorg

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Its like a trip overdose and we are not done yet.. On a sudden whim we decided to a Weekend Trip to Plantation Trails Coorg. I’ve been wanting to there for a long long time and Hubby wanted to take me there on the 15th Aug weekend.. but since bookings were full, they asked him if we’d like to visit the 20th Aug weekend.
Weekend Trip to Plantation Trails Coorg
The weather was perfect for the drive .. we started at 7.15 Am.. stopped at halli mane for breakfast and reached polibetta , Coorg by lunch time. We took the Mysore ring road instead of the Srirangapatna route – BIG mistake. The whole Mysore ring road has been dug up and has crazy diversions.
Coming back to our stay at Wushully Bungalow, its a beautiful cottage with 3 bed rooms [ be sure to book the heritage room] a TV room , a living area with a magazine library & a dining room.. There is a hugeeee varandah where you can sit and relax. For entertainment, they have a  jeep ride through the plantation where we saw pepper, coffee, irrigation system, vanilla shrubs. There also have a nature walk in the evening where we saw a variety of birds, they also have Tata sky, carom board and cards. Their other bungalow – Thanerulla Estate has a indoor tennis clay court and a golf course nearby. The food is awesome and they customize it if you let them know in advance. I loved the cutlery and the table cloth and staying in a brish styled bungalow.. The bathroom and other facilities are new and really clean. Would def recommend it to any one who is visiting.. Though a bit on the pricey side – Room cost us 9000 for 3 ppl and food is charged rs 300 per head per meal.. Here are some pics – put my DSLR to test
2011 08 20 a

and the flowers

2011 08 20 a1

and finally , a pic that my sister clicked 🙂

IMG 0728

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  1. @simran: 🙂 my husband is a travel buff.. 🙂 Glad that its of some help
    @lavs: Coorg is magical.. isn’t it? I see a different side of it each time I visit.
    @R’s mom: It was relaxing.. 🙂

  2. coorg.. aah – can’t have enough of it! magical is the word!

    passed the tata estates both times i’ve been there, will check it next time, thanks for the reco.