What do you do with your craft creations?

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We? We reuse most of it..
Last week we had made these ice-cream cards in the craft class.. and when we got invited to a birthday party, we decided to reuse it. ๐Ÿ™‚

DIY card Wrapping paper

Iโ€™m always running out of wrapping paper!! Invariably I end up using the wrapping paper for some or the other craft activity. So this time I decided to go economical & make something at home. I had this really long sheet of brown paper ( the ones that are used to wrap school books in) .. Wrapped the gift in that. But then it looked really bare and boring. We had some smiley flower stamps at home and decided to give it a makeover. After that it did look more cheerful. If I had more time, Iโ€™d have gone for more brighter colours and maybe block printed a penguin or flower ..

DIy Wrappingpaper

Now for the gift tag โ€“ Lil P decided to write a note in the ice cream card we had made. Pinned that on & added a bow as the cherry.

What do you think? Simple , Personal & effective right?

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  1. lovely! i just adored that ice cream cone card! i do this too, sometimes…last year, our navaratri golu steps had their sides covered with samhiths art work from school… and last week samhith to go to a bday party and we realised we had run out of wrapping paper.. he wanted me to rush to the store, but i refused, picked up some plain white paper (we have loads of those around the house) and wrapped it up. he looked over, with a frown, saying ‘ dont write my name on it. everyone will think its not a real gift” and then i picked up some of his crayons and made the whole thing colourful and tied it up with a ribbon.. now he came out from his sulk, and said, ‘ it looks so pretty. no one will have a gift like this!!!” and then proceeded to write his name on it ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Oh wow lovely and beautiful. I must try brown paper soon. SO far i use plain white paper that my daughter colors with water colors or hand paints. She also sometimes puts stickers on a simple paper as per her imagination. A lot of such paper gets collecetd at home So i use them for gift wrapping. They look very pretty.

  3. Nice idea!!!! Best way to reuse and recycle!!!
    I had tried this idea last year… me and my daughter liked it but the hubby didnt like it though….