What do you want to be when you grow up?? – Winner Entry

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Aparna on September 26, 2013 at 6:27 AM said…
Hi Artsy Craftsy Mom,This is so sweet and shows how innocent and awesome kids r, I follow your blog and the way you expressed your daughter’s thoughts is simply amazing. I see …she will be a wonderful mom . God bless Lil P.I enjoyed this post and was so excited to talk to my son and share his thoughts with you. Here is link to my post I am Aparna from theweavingideas.com.


“I want be an Astronaut Writer in space .I will invent a Magic Box , with a button,when you press the button ,it will get little arms ,legs and eyes.Then,I can sit and play dominoes with him .I will have papers in my rocket where I will sit and write stories and poems.In the day , I will work on Earth and in the night I will be in space .I will help aliens find table for their lunch and help them feel better when they are scared in dark.I will have one assistant named Jedo , he will help me make a list and remind me things.I want a moustache as big as daddy’s, when I grow up.”

Whatwillubewhenugrowup                                                                                                           Astronaut Writer  Drawing by Ashrith !

Haha.. Love all the entries.  Thank you all for joining in. 
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Drop me a mail asap with your complete address & your son’s age to claim your gift.
Now, isn’t it amazing how much the kids observe the happenings around them? What they hear us say.. what they see us do.. How they see us react.. what we expose them to… and how it shapes their thoughts. It was definitely an eye opener for me.
I have scheduled a trip for my daughter to my office to see what I do.. to talk to my colleagues and get their view point.. I plan to take her to my engineering college too. Being a s/w engineer is not all about good dresses and glass lifts rt? 
I also plan to get her to meet people in other professions too.. talk to her Pead, her dentist, teachers .. and hear about all the studies they had to do.. The hard work they put in. Isn’t it our job to give them a better holistic view??
Go back, ask your child what they want to be when they grow up and Why? And then understand the reason behind their thought.. How are you going to enhance their thoughts on this?? 
Would love to hear your thoughts on the same.. Do leave in your suggestions, comments and if possible intro about what you do so that I can read it out to Miss P.

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