Winter comfort foods

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I love the winter season for many reasons. A wide range of vegetables and fruits that come in winter is definitely one of them. There is no shortage of vegetables to cook. There is just one problem and that is keeping your body warm. Many food items help us in keeping warm like bajra, til, soups, carrots to name a few.

Here is a collection of recipes made with winter vegetables and food items which not only give nutrition to the body but also keep us warm.

Winter comfort foods




Very popular in Rajasthan this drink is made with Bajre ka atta [ Pearl Millet Flour]  and curd. A must-have drink for chilly winter nights.

Bajra is very rich in nutrition also. It is a good source of calcium, vitamins, minerals, and iron. It also helps in reducing cholesterol levels. Try to add Bajre ki roti to your meals to get its benefits.

Raabdi 2

Tamatar Shorba-             

If you get bored with your regular tomato soups try this roasted tomato soup with amazing flavors.

I generally make mixed vegetable soup or plain tomato soup but my elder son does not drink that at all. So I tried this soup for him. The smell of tomatoes roasting is Awesome. The whole house smelled so nice. I think this prompted him to try this soup. The addition of croutons to the soup also helped a lot.

Roasted tomato soup

Moong dal pakode/Paush bada        

Again a very popular snack of Rajasthan, this moong dal pakode [ Fritters] is made with methi [ Fenugreek]  leaves which are very warm in nature. Even helps cure a common cold. What more can you ask for?

Moong dal Pakode with methi leaves known as Paush Bade is a very popular snack of Jaipur in winters.

moong dal pakode 2

Til Mawa laddoo-  

Til [ Sesame seed]  is not only warm in nature it has high nutrition value too. These laddoos are super easy to make and are ready in less than 15 minutes.

til mawa ladoo

Gajar Ke laddoo  [carrot truffle ] 

If you want to try something different than gajar ka halwa give it a try. My kids loved them. These truffles are made with carrots and coconut.

turkish carrot truffles 3

Amla Candy-   

Amla  [ Indian Gooseberry] candy is probably the healthiest candy in the world. It has all the benefits of Amla. Amla is a great source of Vitamin C and is good for hair and eyes.  Here is an easy and delicious way to incorporate amla in your kid’s diet

amla candy 2


What do you think of our Winter collection of foods to make? What is your favorite winter food at home?

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