World Fiesta @ School

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On 21st Sept, Lil P’s school had a “World Fiesta” for the Sr Kg kids. As part of this program, all kids were taught about different countries, their culture – Dresses, Dance, Monuments & Food. Lil p’s class was representing India and her class danced the Dandiya to the beats of  “Dhol Baje” .

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Lil P is the girl in the front row, center, wearing a Yellow and green Lehenga 🙂 It was a fun event where parents were invited to a program filled with lil kids dancing to different songs from around the world.
There was American rock n roll, Dandiya & bhangra from India, Flamenco from Spain, Ballroom dancing from the UK.. There was a fun Quiz asked by the lil kids on the world facts.. and yummy food from around the world. Dhokla , samosas from India, french croissants , Muffins , Nachos , doughnuts and burgers.

Lil P loved dressing up in her Gujarati lehenga gifted by my colleague Mini.

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  1. Your little one looks cute in her lehanga…. !! Lovely ! Hope you all had a great time at school… Its always a pleasure to see events at school… Enjoy the weekend …

  2. Hi, I have been reading your blog for quite sometime. Tried various crafts. It is amazing to do crafts with my little one. By the way, what prompted me to comment here today is my younger son is also in sr. Kg. In the same school. He was in bhangara dance. I was also in the function. If I had known this I would have taken your autograph!! The world is really a small place!!


  3. @Emreen: Thank you 🙂 Its fun to dress up girls
    @Latha: Autograph??!!! I’m just like any mommy sitting next to u gushing over her daughter’s / son’s dance.. The same neighbor who would come to ur house sheepishly asking for a bowl of curd.. Just an ordinary person yaar 🙂 Don’t put me on a pedestal. drop me a mail 🙂 We’ll meet up one of these days .

  4. Cool..sounds like so much fun n excitement. Love love to see small kids perform 🙂
    LilP looks beautifully cute in that outfit!! Touchwood!

  5. What a lovely school!
    Loved all pics 🙂
    And all that food sounds droolworthy 😛 😛
    And u and Swarna catching up – wow! World is a small place indeed 🙂

  6. Lil P looks too cute. Hrit and Naisha had the same evet and you know what Hrit danced to dhol baje. Naisha did the Mexican dance… really was fun. We had the quiz too but no food .. not fair.