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Hello my lovelies … 🙂 Its Wednesday and we are back with a yummy tummy story and a recipe to go with it.Over the weekend, 7 ladies teamed up at Chaipatty, Kormangala to attend a baking workshop with Monika Manchanda. I rarely venture into the kitchen, and hardly ever bake! So this was my first.. and Monika did not disappoint us. The first session started with introduction to the basics.. the pots the pans, the accessories, knowing the oven temperature and each one of us cleared any doubts that we had.. We started working on the Cheesecake, and then double chocolate muffins, Choco chip cookies followed by lunch .. Awesome steaming hot veggie maggie from the chaipatty. We made the chocolate cake & then got down to breads.. making chelsea buns & chesse pepper loafs.. had amazing kullad chais, iced lemon teas & crunchy pakodas to keep us company.

Day 2 we made corn chilli muffins, Pineappleupside down cake, cheese savory bites, strawberry cheesecake, apple crumble, whole wheat oat bran muffins,  iced the chocolate sponge we made the earlier day & made a chocolate ganache for the cup cakes.   Phew! that sounds like an awful lot of stuff.. but it seemed so effortless ( except for the bread kneading part) ..We again had pastas, sandwiches, gallons of tea and took lots of pics. Click here to see the whole set of pics..


and that was the end of the day 2 .. I think Monika’s idea to have the class at chaipatty’s was a hit cos I loved the ambiance and mostly aunty , Chirag’s mom.. who’s enthusiasm was addictive.. and Monika ka kya kehna.. I am in awe of this awesome lady.. You can see the passion and the happiness she derives from baking.. 🙂 Hugs monika. Thank you for this experience. Wishing u many many such successful workshops.

We carried all the goodies back home which got devoured in like seconds. My fav was the no bake cheesecake, My sis loved the pineapple cake & black forest the most.. Hubby loved the choco chip muffins and apple crumble .. mom has copied all the recipes down and is going to try making them.. Unfortunately Lil P fell sick on Sunday and couldn’t enjoy any of the baked stuff. she is still sick. Thankfully mom is here.

Leaving you with a recipe from monika’s site and what we made as part of the workshop [ follow the link for the recipe]

DSC 0166
Have a Yummy-Tummy-Wednesday 🙂

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  1. @Monika – got a few things from the market today.. muffin trays, liners 🙂 excited to start
    @pinksocks – We should all meet up again.
    @Purvi – it was more fun to actually watch it and learn.
    @Patty – I’m terrified to enter the kitchen/… but I’m looking forward to baking