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I’m no great cook and I spend ages coming up with a power packed lunch or snack for Lil P. Most days its the routine roti sabji .. or if I’m being experimental its the veggie noodles. I’m sure there are many many mothers out there with the same problem. So, I’m thinking of starting a weekly Yummy-Tummy feature here at MindfulMeanderings. Every Wednesday, I will feature one kiddie recipe that I’d love to try out.


Do you have a funny incident to share about your kid and their food preferences? or any favourite recipes at home that your kids relish.. Well mail them to me ASAP. I want to focus every Wednesday on a Yum-Tum Recipe and your food stories… Here’s a format if you’d like to participate..

1. Introduce yourself and ur family..
2. What are your family’s or kids favourite foods?
3. Do you have any funny incident to share with us?
4. What is the recipe that you would like to share with us today?

You can choose to mail me the details or do a post and mail me the link .. You can add more questions.. or choose to skip a few questions mentioned above.. at a minimum, I need a kiddie recipe with a picture to go with it.

You can add this image to your Yummy Tummy Wednesday post with a link back to this page..


Here are the links to the YumTum Recipes featured so far..


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  1. Wow Shruti..thats a super idea…am going to try it on Saturday with R
    Thanks Mon for the lovely recipe…it sure will be a hit for the egg crazy R and R’s Mom too 🙂

  2. Great idea Shruti! Can’t wait to read more ideas that I can try with lil N. I will send you some of my simple and loved recipes too once I take some pics of them 🙂

  3. Super wednesday Shruti…….. I’ll definitely would like to contribute.
    My husband and son like food and want something new every now and then. So me – a non-foody keeps trying for newer additions.
    Your posts will give me one more excuse to visit your blog……

  4. Super idea.Sure i can participate in something in your blog atlast.
    Will definitely send.
    And on some nutrition notes,avoid maggi or any ready made noodles since they contain chemical preservatives.Go for whole wheat pastas instead.And reg cheese always go for home made cottage cheese than processed one in stores,make sure you prepare it from low fat milk,since saturated fat in dairy products disturbs absorbtion of essential fatty acids.

  5. what a coincidence. I just typed up a post yesterday on this. Watch my space for the next couple of days 🙂

  6. Great idea Shruthi!! I’ll look out for some great ideas in the coming days and may be also share some of the simple recipes that I have tried with Aayush.

  7. Hey Shruti – Wednesday came and went this week and I did not see a new post in Yummy Tummy Wednesday section. So thought I’d check if all is well with you. BTW can I just post a recipe on my blog and link it to yours?