Yummy Tummy Wednesday…

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We have two new entries for the Yummy Tummy Wednesday today…

The first is from Dr. Sonia 

Edible Craft- Mashed Potato 


 Like all mothers I am also sometimes challenged to get my child to eat.With my daughter if she is involved in the food preparation the food goes in easier! Here is what we cooked up!

Do check out her post for the details

The next one is from Obsessive Mom 

Beetroot – carrot soup 
Tomato beetroot+soup

Do check out her post for the details

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  1. Involving Putti in the cooking part is really a great way to get her eating. Love the cookie cutter use for mashed potatoes:) And shru, love ur teaser for next week:)

  2. I guess my queries are answered here.I wanted to know whether we can post entries in our own blogs and then submit them for YT Wednesdays.
    Also I had wanted to know whether you needed us to post only on wednesdays. that’s also answered here.
    Will post my entry and then inform you. hope you will include it in the next edition. thanks.

  3. @Sonia & OM – 🙂 Thank you for submitting your Yum-Tum Recipes
    @Roopa – 🙂 Do send in some recipes that putti loves or helps u make..
    @lavs – super cool. Pls do mail food stories from ur home.