30 Ideas for the Perfect Dr Seuss Party

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Dr. Seuss parties are always a classic, and I have a big fan at home. Its also Dr. Seuss ‘s Birthday on March 2. To Celebrate, I  decided to do a roundup of the best Ideas To host the Perfect Dr Seuss party. From Party Invitations, Decors, Treats, Cakes, Free Fonts, Printables, and Games & activities. We have you covered – Here are

30 Ideas for the Perfect Dr Seuss Party

30 Ideas for the Perfect Dr Seuss Party

 Dr Seuss party Free Fonts

Every Dr. Seuss  party Invite needs the perfect fonts – Here are two of my favorites.



Dr Seuss Party Invite Ideas 

Dr Seuss Party Invite Ideas

Lollyjane is a wonderful blog and she kindly provides a free printable invite too. You can customize your own.

A wonderful Lorax Inspired Birthday party invite from the Hostess with the mostess Blog

Some more ideas from galleryhip.com

Another Simple ideas is from zsepa.org

Once the invitations are out, we need to focus on the decor

Dr Seuss party –  Decor Ideas 

Dr Seuss inspired Party Decor Ideas

Whether you decide to go Red Fish Blue fish style – Red, Yellow & Blue backdrop or a Lorax Inspired one with gigantic Trufulla trees or a Cat in the Hat – Red Blue , white polka dot backdrop, its always better to stick to a particular book and use the characters & colors from that book.

Make Lorax trees from tissue pom poms and pool noodles and  duct tape!

Download Dr Seuss Inspired Printable Photo Booth PropsParty printables, read across america idea, back to school party idea, green eggs and ham, cat in the hat, the lorax

Make a Dr Seuss inspired Photo Prop frame by sticking Characters on the frame.

Dr Seuss Party –  Treats 

Dr Seuss inspired Party Treats

Make  Cute Green Eggs and Ham treats for Dr. Seuss’s birthday celebration.

Make Rainbow Sugar Cookie Pops  “Oh the Places You’ll Go” colors for Dr. Seuss party.

These Marshmallow “truffula trees” are perfect for a Dr. Seuss party

These Jell-O Cat-In-The-Hat snacks would be perfect for celebrating Dr. Suess’ birthday, or just as a fun snack to have while you’re reading one of his classic books!

Make Cute little snacks for a Lorax-themed party – Orange Lorax

Serve  multicolored Goldfish crackers at a red fish blue fish themed Dr. Seuss birthday party.

 Dr Seuss party – Coolest Birthday Cakes 

Coolest Dr Seuss Birthday Cakes

Dr Seuss inspired – Cat in the hat story book cake 

Make a simple Green eggs & ham Cake

I fell in love with  this Horton Hears a Who, 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins, Yertle the Turtle, & Oh The Places You Will Go cake 

This is one of the most adorable Dr. Seuss cakes! It has characters from the Lorax and has Cat in the hat characters too.

I love all the ideas from this post from the Hostess with the Mostess  esp the Lorax Cake 

  Dr Seuss Party games 

Dr Seuss Party games

One Fish, Two Fish Fishing Game

For the basics of this game, check out our DIY Indoor Fishing activity for kids. Use the tutorial there to create the fish and the poles, but change the colors to red fish and blue fish.  Now, on each turn, call out “1 fish, red” or “2 fish, blue!” Kids have to fish until they get the right color and number combination!

Thing one Thing 2 – Pin drop 

Make this fun pin drop-style party game using things lying around the house.  The object of the game is to get those mischievous Things back into the their box.  This game is great for preschoolers and primary grade aged children.

Pin The Cat on The Hat 

The name says it all. Take a huge printout of the Cat and another of the hat and ask the kids to pin the hat on the cat blindfolded.

Free Printable Dr Seuss Inspired Bingo 

Check out this free printable: Dr. Seuss bingo game print 2 copies of the game cards to create a Memory Game. Party game + favor in one.

Hop On Pop Balloon burst 

Check out the Hop on Pop inspired number popping game. Popping balloons is such a fun way to work on number recognition.


Dr Seuss  Free Printable 

Download these FREE PRINTABLE mini candy bar wrappers from princessandthepeas.com

Download a fill-in invitation, “Happy Birthday” bunting and a set of 4 party circles to use as cupcake toppers, favor tags, stickers for  a Dr Seuss party via sugarsticksparties.com

Lots of other free printable tags & party  printable can also be found at mypaperlily

Also check out our post –

15 Inspiring Dr. Seuss Quotes that can Change your Life

One Fish Two Fish Dr Seuss Craft 


Do you know of any other fun ideas for a Dr Seuss party ? Don’t forget to share in the comments below.

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