50+ Best Button Craft Ideas that are Both Creative & Fun

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Here are 50+ Button craft ideas for kids of every age, season and holiday – that are Both Creative & Fun!

It’s no secret that we all love buttons. Button crafts and art ideas are so attractive that they are simply hard to resist. Have some leftover buttons and need some cool new craft ideas, too? You may want to go restock on buttons after you see these creative and easy DIY projects made with buttons. Whether you are looking for a quick handmade gift idea or some awesome new home decor to make a statement, these colorful and cute button crafts are much fun to make. Check out the step by step tutorials for these cute button crafts and learn how to make these awesome ideas.

50+ Creative and Fun Button Craft Ideas 


10 Button Flowers & Trees Craft Ideas Here are 50+ Button craft ideas for kids of every age, season and holiday - that are Both Creative & Fun!

  1. Make these gorgeous flowers using buttons and wire. Idea via craftandcreativity.com.
  2. This stamped flower craft is super easy and super fun to make! Idea via happyhooligans.ca.
  3. Make these easy button art flower cards. Perfect for a spring craft or giving as a birthday or Mother’s Day card! Idea via thebestideasforkids.com
  4. I loved this button topiary craft. Hop on to buttonsgaloreandmore and find more about making it.
  5. Whip up this cool flower bouquet with craft supplies you probably have at hand. Buttons, some felt flowers, skewer sticks, ribbons, and thread.
  6. Here is another button bouquet tutorial by Bellezza. She also offers a PDF version of her tutorial in case if you want to download and save for the future.
  7. This button Spring craft burlap canvas that will brighten up your child’s room. They are super easy to make and what’s more your child can help too!
  8. This one is a simple and cute button flower craft that can also be used as a brooch. It’s perfect for kids.
  9. If you’re looking for a simple rainy day spring craft this cute craft stick flower craft is just the thing to do with your kids..
  10.  This button tree tutorial shows you step by step how to turn an ordinary canvas into colorful wall art! – by Amanda Formaro of Crafts by Amanda

10 Button Animals & Birds Craft Ideas Here are 50+ Button craft ideas for kids of every age, season and holiday - that are Both Creative & Fun!

  1. This simple button fish craft for kids makes a perfect summer kids craft and there are tons of great books to go along with it.
  2. Easy button owl craft for kids to make with lots of buttons, canvas and glue.
  3. How about making a button elephant wall hanging for your little one’s room? Found on bustedbutton.com.
  4. Here is another kid’s room decor craft – Button Fish! All you need is colorful buttons, felt sheets or kitchen towels and glue.
  5. Grab the idea of button spider craft. Found on blogspot.com.
  6. Cute little button birds to put on a card! Fun kids craft for spring or summer
  7. Check out this clothespin-button-ant craft. It’s a perfect solution for a fun summer craft for kids.
  8. Kids will love this adorable button caterpillar. Even then small kids can do this easy craft with minimal help from adults.
  9. Starfish or sea stars are our favorite shapely invertebrate from the ocean. Make one using paper, buttons, and our free craft template
  10. I love how colorful the button crafts can get. Check out this cute button jellyfish. Using just a few supplies the kids can decorate these and hang them to display!


10 Button Nursery Wall Art Ideas


  1. Make this wonderful moon collage with different buttons. Idea via adventure-in-a-box.com.
  2. Here is a sweet button cupcake art. This is a perfect choice for a gift or a room decor project.
  3. Check out this super easy idea of putting up a vibrant button tree on a canvas. Found on craftsbyamanda.com.
  4. How about making a button mermaid art? Young children might find it a bit tricky, but older kids especially mermaid fans are going to love this.
  5. Make this easy button monogram craft using fabric, buttons, needle and thread.
  6. This is a button snowflake craft using craft sticks, buttons and glue. You can either hang it up or can simply prop up your shelf or table space.
  7. Check out this spring button craft for kids. Found on littlefamilyfun.com.
  8. Make a Scrabble Tile Craft – Follow your Rainbow Nursery Wall Art . This project is simple to make and uses button & recycled Scrabble game pieces.
  9. Make this simple yet charming button art with wooden letters and buttons. A little bit of creativity can go a long way.
  10. up-cycle an old photo frame with some button to create this cute as a button DIY Photo Frame Craft


10 Button Ornament Ideas50 BEST BUTTON CRAFTS IDEAS 5

  1. Make this beautiful button bib necklace and earrings. Michele shares the complete tutorial in her blog.
  2. Grab the idea of making a button Christmas tree earrings. A great idea for a DIY Christmas tree ornament too.
  3. These adorable glued button rings featured on Craft Klatch are simple enough to make that your kids can absolutely help out with them or even make them all by themselves.
  4. These super cute and easy Americana Button Earrings are the perfect way to get in the American spirit for your 4th of July celebration.
  5. Make this cute looking button headband for your little one. It’s a great idea for a party favor or a party craft.
  6. Here is a different button bracelet made out in a unique pattern. This photo tutorial will show you how.
  7. Check out this retro button necklace tutorial from Yellow Blackbird!
  8. Here is a super fun craft for kids – Animal face button necklace!
  9. Easy DIY Button Friendship Bracelets in 10 minutes or less! at www.happyhourprojects.com
  10. This is a super easy button craft for small kids out of hair clips, buttons and glue. They can make matching pairs for each dress too.
  11. A great addition to your jewelry wardrobe, this fun and funky elastic button bracelet can be made in an afternoon.


10 DIY Button Crafts That You Can Actually Use


  1. You will love these Button Bowls And Trays and they are so easy to make and look great. 
  2. Stick them onto glass votives. These candles are shining beautifully through the semi-transparent buttons!
  3. Rachel shares this cool idea of making a paint stick button flag. Idea via iheartcraftythings.com.
  4. Grab the idea of making a stunning resin paperweight using buttons. Pouring resin could be a little tricky. Make sure you don’t leave any bubbles unattended.
  5. Make Awesome DIY Christmas Gift Tags using brown paper & buttons
  6. If you have 2000 or more unused odd buttons, try making a curtain as button crazy Isa.
  7. Make these exciting racing cars out of buttons and clothes peg. Kids would need a lot of help with this project. But it sure looks exciting.
  8. I’m in love with these Cute as a Button Shoes. Find the Tutorial on JoAnn. 
  9. Make a DIY Button Belt – Perfect for a young fashionista 
  10. Make these easy button bookmarks for kids using paper clips, fancy buttons and glue. The steps are so simple that you just have to assist with the gluing part.

Button Up! Go grab some buttons…

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  1. I inspired by your Crafts especially Bookmark crafts and Button Crafts. Thanks for giving me so many ideas to make kids are going to be busy with these Ideas in this Summer.