A is for Armadillo Printable Craft for kids

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This easy and fun Armadillo Printable Craft  is perfect even for the youngest crafter. My 2-year-old even stayed by me to decorate her own little armadillo.

armadillo craft 560

Of course, she loves using glue! I’ve often found her digging through my craft supplies to find the glue (and trying to squeeze it out all over the place).

Our Armadillo craft goes great alongside the book Armadilly Chiliir?t=mylime 20&l=as2&o=1&a=0807504580 (Affiliate link). In fact, the book is what inspired the project for us. Similar to “The Little Red Hen”, Miss Billie Armadilly wants to make a pot of Armadilly Chili, but all of her friends are too busy to help her. Will she share with them even though they didn’t help make it?

Armadillo Printable Craft for kids

Supplies needed:

  • square paper punch ir?t=mylime 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B0090JVGIW
  • construction paper
  • armadillo printable (located below)
  • glue

This craft is great for those fine motor skills. Let your child punch out her own shapes using a square paper punch (Affiliate link). I let each of my kids pick out their own construction paper colors and punch their squares out.

While they are punching out their squares, print out a copy of the armadillo template.

PRINT HERE –> Armadillo Printable Template for Kids <– PRINT HERE

For my 2-year-old, I filled her paper with glue a little at a time so that she could take her time placing squares on. I did let her squeeze glue on her paper in some places to give her practice with glue. But I did most of it, or we would have massive blobs of glue all over the paper.

armadillo craft for toddlers

The 4-year-old decided she wanted to cover the whole armadillo with squares. And that is just fine. I try to always allow them to create their projects the way their little minds think them out. I don’t want to curb their creativity in any way.

armadillo squares craft for kids

The 7-year-old wanted to cover the whole Armadillo, but she wanted to cut out her own pieces to fit. She asked for another template to use as a cutting guide.

armadillo craft with squares

I love seeing how the different ages create their projects in their own ways! That is the fun of crafting!

awesome armadillo craft for kids

10885598_10153031456347164_2030026812480655070_nJenny is a mother to five kids ages 15 – 2. She loves to knit, craft and cook with her kids, school and more. You can see more of her activities for kids at My Little Me. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter for more fun kids ideas!


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