25+ Indian Folk Art Craft Kits

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I am always on the lookout for any Indian Folk Art Craft Kits or activity that introduces children to our varied Folk Art & craft customs.  Not only is it visually appealing, but the children are exposed to the rich art forms of India. It also gives me a chance to show to them how various folk people in India express their creativity through these designs. The fun activities turn into geography lessons .. art meets history .. the imagination has no bounds.

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When it comes to teaching Indian Folk Art to kids, I always start with Warli. Warli is an art form from Maharashtra. Earlier too I have written about using simple house hold items to teach Warli.These techniques can be used to teach kids as small as 3 years old. I have seen immense success with kids who are taught Warli.. The stick men are an easy way for them to express their thoughts. We once created a whole story, complete with warli illustrations on a train journey. Lil p had improvised it to have warli cars, aeroplanes, animals, dolls & fruits. Here are some of my older posts that show easy steps to introduce this technique

Warli art with a Potato stamp

Warli for kids

But if you want to make your life easier, there are some awesome DIY kits on Warli that you can try out with your kids.

Warli on paper mache, Warli on pots, Warli on pans, Warli on canvas,; Even cute Warli puzzles. We have them all here for you.


Madhubani is what I teach slightly older kids.. 6+ yrs . I love the discipline that it offers, This technique requires a bit of control over using a pen or pencil and helps kids develop their fine motor skills.

Here are some posts from my Archives

Painting a simple Madhubani Fish in 12 steps

Madhubani for kids – a tutorial by Deepa Gopal

DIY Madhubani style Kite bookmark & a Kite card

There are many Indian Folk Art Craft Kits  available in the market to try your hands at .. Madhubani sand art, madhubani on paper mache, madhubani puzzles, coasters, Glass art.. you think it, and we have a craft kit for it.


Though Gond is not very well known, it is one of my favorite folk art forms. I love the play of dots and dashes  that a Gond painting offers. I have featured art activities based on this technique..

Exploring the Gond style of Folk Art

Gond style Folk Art for kids

Gond Styled Dragons

Durga Maa Crafts

Here is a craft kit from Potli

There are other Folk art / craft from India –

Patua, Santhal, phad, kerala mural art.

Some of the kits are listed below.

Block Printing

Try Block Printing with the RedBug range of art kits

What do you think?? Would you like to see a similar list for Books?? Over the coming months, our guest blogger Swathika will share some tips on using  these Indian Folk Art Craft Kits  & will also share easy tips on teaching Indian folk art  craft forms to your child . Have you tried any other Craft kit that teaches a traditional Folk technique? Share your views, ideas, reviews in comments below. Based on your feedback, I will keep adding / removing items from this list.


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