Arghhhh moment!

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This Saturday, PC had some office work till 4 PM. And after that he decided that he needed to go check out a plot which we had booked last month!! So I get a call that he’ll need 4 hrs totally and will be back latest by 9PM. At 8 pm I get a call that his car has a puncture n he will be ‘slightly’ late. His sense of time is really off .. n after so many years of being with him I have understood that slightly = 1 hr. Somehow due to sheer exhaustion of handling Lil p alone the whole day.. I doze off around 10PM.. n suddenly woke up at 1 AM n HEZ STILL NOT HOME!!! I try calling him n his mobile is not reachable. .. n by 1.30 I’m already freaking out.. I have no idea where the damn plot is.. Or in which direction of bangalore hez driving.. if some1 is with him. If hez ok.. what time he will reach home?? Should I call up his friends one by one .. or shud I call the police!! After a hundred failed calls.. finally it rang! N he picked up the phone and was home – tired but safe at 2AM!!! What a scare!

His side of the story!
*6:00 Pm – Reached the plot, which is past Hoskote – 52 kms from where we stay.
*6:45 PM Checked out the progress and left …
*7:15Pm – 10 kms away from any nearest town – noticed that petrol was dangerously low!
*7.30 PM, the car developed a flat tyre… Realised that the spare tyre has a flat too. Middle of nowhere..    
    Decided to drive with a flat till a puncture repair shop could be located.
*7:45 PM – saw a petrol pump. 500Rs in the pocket. Filled 200 rs worth petrol. No puncture shop.
    The attendant adviced to check in the nearest town 5 km ahead.
*8:15Pm Parked car. Called wife. Waited for another car / auto to pass by to ask for lift.
*8:40PM A tempo traveler stops. It’s a goods carrier. Atleast 10 sheep are crammed backstage. I climb in next to the driver. Holding the spare ‘flat’ tyre in my lap.. n precariously balancing. Trying to ignore the bleats behind me.
*9:00PM reach a tyre shop – its closed. Someone asks us to check out 5 streets ahead.
*9:15 PM Found a puncture shop. Its closed. The neighbour gives the person’s mobile number. Its bakrid.. The guy is having a feast at his inlwas place. Asks us to wait.
*10:00 PM he arrives. Proceeds to check the tube.
*10:45PM The leak is rt next to the tube. Cannot be repaired. Decide to try with the other tyre.
*11:00 PM Drive back to the petrol pump.. all the while hoping the car is still there. Thankfully it is. Pick up the flat tyre and notice that the rim is bent. Not usable!
*11.15 PM Decide to go and try the tyre shop once more. Locate the owner. Request him to come by. He obliges and arrives. New tube costs money!! Damn no cash!! Won’t accept card. ATM machine is 10 mins drive away. By this time the poor auto guy is hungry n tired.
*11:30PM got money. Bought a new tube. Proceed to puncture shop.
*11:45PM got the new tube into spare tyre.
*12:00 AM reached the car. Paid the kind auto driver. Drove back home.
*1:15 AM realised mobile is switched off. Searched for car charger. Spoke to wife
*1:45 AM reached home.
* Grinned at wife – What an adventure. Shud do this more often!!

*wife faints*

PS: After this incident I have kept a a stock of all his bank accounts, shares, policies, PF number, backup of his phone list and the local police station number!!!

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  1. OMG! So much in a day! Phew! He has really handled it well and kept his cool eh 😉

    Their phone does get switched off when we want it the most LOL 😉

  2. Oh boy what a day….but all’s well that ends well….
    It’s a very good idea to keep back up of all important stuff.
    I can well imagine you on that day/night.

  3. @Sphoo: i’m going to murder ur jiju one of these days!! LOL.. See i’ve progressed.. earlier i wuld have started worrying from 8Pm itself.. Now its moved to 1:00 AM!!
    @Lohit : gaddar!!!
    @Swati: Yup. all noted down.
    @sakhi: Not sure.. good idea. i’ll ask around.
    @Neelum: Its scary!
    @Swaram: grrrrr at the phone. i know!!! I was in tears by the time he was home.. n he was cool as a cucumber throughout!!!

  4. I was laughing all the way, but the poor you!! Its a pity shruti and your back up list is a WOW!! But you must be really scared na!

  5. only the sufferer can manage to grin.. other will only faint!

    I don’t understand why you have not taken a note of the condition of the tyres and the liquid cash in PC’s wallet :-p

  6. Poor you! I would have freaked out called the police, ambulance, checked the hospitals in town…yes I am a freak that way :)!

  7. @Shruti – it was scary!! but thankfully i could talk to him on time.
    @Monika: See? that part they conveniently forget.
    @Mohan: Ya! like i don’t have enough to remember already..
    @Sole: me too!! just that i did not know where to start.. n also the fact that i dozed off!
    @disha : Yup! each is the same kind.