Art for a 3 year old

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Just like any other (nearly) 3 year old, Lil P would rather spend her time in front of the “idiot box” than get involved in any other activity .. It requires constant innovation to keep lil P busy with something that is mentally stimulating.

One of the most powerful ( and inexpensive) tool to aid me in this mission of mine is art .. Simple supplies like coloured paper , paper plates , glue stick , scissors, cotton, vegetables turn into exotic child art.. have a look at some of the things lil P made with some help..
block printing technique
1. Take an A4 sheet, draw a tree [ parents need to do this]
2. Take a ridge gourd , cut out a 3 inch piece from 1 end.
3. mix some watery mixture green water color
4. press – make leaves of the tree
5. cut some mangoes out of yellow paper .. we used chart paper .. and stick on some mangoes..


Fun isn’t it??
Few more simple techniques used below – take a printout of a lion on an A4 sheet.. Or use crepe paper / sand / cotton to make interesting sticking activities.. 3 year olds love it!!

crepe paper art kids
How about making a rocking horse??? color a printout of a horse .. cut out the horse .. fold a paper plate in half and paste the horse midway on it.. Voila! your rocking horse is ready!

paper plate art for kids
Colour a paper plate with brown stripes .. cut out a hole in the center .. n stick it to make lion’s mane..

paper plate rocking horse

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  1. Good job lil Pi!

    I specially liked the lion 🙂
    *making mental note to revisit this post when my son turns 3*

    Well first time here, and couldn’t resist commenting.Hopping back to read archives.Tata!

  2. @disha! U don’t need to wait till ur son turns 3.. amny of pasting activities can be done by a 2+ age kid. Do share the fun stuff u do with ur kid too!

  3. really cool idea of using n and my kid have done with lady finger.we get small flowers when used with colors.My kid just loves making these kind of stuff..recently we made a star using thermacol sheet and my kid was so excited to paint it.