Clay Craft – Indian festivals.

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I’ll be doing a photo post today of some of the entries submitted in the I & II standard category and III & IV standard category for Clay play competition in Lil P’s school …Lovely ideas all.
04 IMG 5180
 A Ganesha by a 1st std kid
03 IMG 5179
 A Ganesha by a 2nd std kid
02 IMG 5188
 Diwali crackers – 2nd std
05 IMG 5181
 A Ganesha by a 1st std kid
06 IMG 5182
 A Ganesha by a II std kid
07 IMG 5183
 Multiple festivals – Eid, Christmas, Rakhi
08 IMG 5189
 The 1st prize winner in the I &II standard category- Navaratri by a 2nd std kid.
Now the senior classes
09 IMG 5192
 Diyas made by a 4th std kid – Diwali
10 IMG 5202
 Pongal – 3rd std
11 IMG 5204
 Winning entry in the III & IV std category.
12 IMG 5205
 Look at the details !! Abs loved this one..
14 IMG 5191
 A Ganesha by a 4th std kid
13 IMG 5209

3rd Prize winner in the III &IV std category.

Loved all the entries .. wanted to post the pics so that you guys don’t have to go searching in case a similar competition happens in your school.

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