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DIY – Terracotta Jewelery

I have always been fascinated by terracotta jewelery . I love their earthy look and how fab they look when teamed up with Indian Ethnic wear. The air dry clay that I had bought looked quite easy to mold and I thought why not try making some jewelery pieces. What do you think??

Below are some pics of Work in Progress.
Clay Earrings

Steps to make your own –

  1. Roll your air dry clay or any other type of clay you are comfortable with into balls about an inch tall. 
  2. Using a rolling pin, roll them into ovals  about 3 cm thick.
  3. Cut them into desired shapes using a blunt edge knife
  4. Using a toothpick make a hole to pass the string through
  5. Let it dry for a min of 24 hrs.
  6. Once Dry, paint them black using all surface acrylic colors. The key here is not to use any water.  Another tip is to leave the bottom bare while painting the top. Once the top is completely dry, paint the bottom.
  7. Once dry, Use basic shades like, red – yellow , dark blue – light blue, Green – yellow, Balck white etc and draw simple geometrical designs as above. Wait for 1 color to completely dry before applying the next.
  8. Once they are completely dry, apply a coat of modpodge / clear varnish to seal the paint in. Again this is optional.
  9. Buy ready made earring loops / hooks available at hobby stores or with jewelery making kits and using pliers, loop through the clay tablets. 
  10. Wear them and show them off to your friends. My neighbors liked them so much they picked them all.

Why don’t you give it a try too and then share the pics. Linking this post to Patricia’s Weekend Wrap up 3.

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    1. Hi, Thanks for posting these lovely ideas. I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of air dry clay you used for the jewelry? Thanks so much!! Becky Anderson

      1. Hi Becky,
        We get a local variety Air dry clay in craft shops in India. It is really soft and malleable and hardens when exposed to air ( takes 12 – 24 hrs to really harden)

  1. Nice pictures of Terracota Jewelry. It is an exotic dressing style when worn with the traditional nomadic or tribal dresses. So please, don’t wear this with 9 yards madisaar saree. Trying to be a little humorous.

    (I have no idea on these things. My wife asked me to write this.)

  2. @Sg: LOL. These are handmade.n thanks for the tip. I don’t own a madisaar n will not try teaming it with teracotta jewels :p Pass my Hi to ur wife.. and ask her if She’ll like to have a pair.

  3. @Swaram: thank u . thank u. Its my first attempt at this. N i really missed having a good brush ..
    @Shalini: thanks. kahan ho aap? artsy-craftsy misses u. 🙂
    @R’s mom: Just Time pass re! 🙂 glad u liked them so much.
    @Sm: welcome here. n thank you. 🙂
    @Priya: Thanks. Any entries from ur side for arsty-Craftsy?? 🙂

  4. Shruti, This is gorgoeus. I have a friend here who does terracotta jewelry as a business. She has some lovely patterns 🙂 I was wondering about the how. Thanks for the quick lesson. Have a feeling Meg will love trying this out:)

  5. @Vidya: Try it out.. pretty easy.
    @art: U flatter me. 🙂
    @GB: Thank u. n welcome here. That ganesha is yet to be painted. Its a gift for my colleague who is shifting
    @sands: Ohh ask meg to try with some easy geometrical designs . n share the pics.
    @Anon: I have a paper embosser. Used that.
    @Patricia: 🙂 U like? U shud give it a try. This was my first attempt at it and they look quite amateurish. But it was soo much fun.

  6. I was looking for stuff made with air dry terracotta and I found your blog. Thanks for the procedure. Did you use the white clay or terracotta clay for your work? I want the unpainted raw feeling, do you think that the terracotta version with just a sealer on top will work?

  7. beautiful !
    2 questions.. what is air dry clay? where is is available
    how did u manage the wire – the twists . what kind do we buy?