Pretty Diwali Popsicle Stick Lanterns with Asian Paints TRUGRIP CR-8

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Make Colorful Diwali Popsicle Stick Lanterns or Paper luminaries using wax paper, popsicle sticks, and some beautiful Diya art!

Diwali is almost here and I can’t contain my excitement anymore. In India, Diwali is one of the most popular festivals, full of delicious foods, gifts, lights, and love from our families and friends.
The five-day festival symbolizes the victory of good over evil and light over darkness.

This is after all the Festival of Lights. Lanterns and kandils add that element of festivities in the air. Seeing them hung from balconies, windows, and indoors fills me with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

What better than handmade Diwali lanterns? I’m sharing a really easy Paper lantern that even kids can assemble using materials that are available in your local stationery shop. Make and gift them to friends and family.


DIY Paper Lantern Featured 1

*Full Disclosure This is a sponsored post in partnership with Asian paints. All opinions expressed herein are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that support Artsy Craftsy Mom!


DIY Paper Lantern Supply list 1

• Popsicle Sticks – 16 pieces
• Wax paper or Tracing paper
• Markers
• Scissors
• Black Marker
Free Printable Diwali Design Template and


Before I tell you how to make the Lantern, I wanted to talk about an exciting new product that I got a chance to try – The new Asian Paints White GlueTRUGRIP CR-8 Orb.

Asian paints Trugrip CR8 Orb 1
TRUGRIP CR-8 is a water-soluble glue from the house of Asian Paints. It comes as a set of 10 really cute orbs, that’s vibrant & fun!
It works really well for all my crafting needs. Gluing Craft paper, cardboard, chart papers, and various other craft-related items with ease. The thin tip allows for precision & the rubber orbs are ergonomic and very comfortable to squeeze.

This Super-Saver pack contains 10 orbs in 5 vibrant colors, each with 15gms of white glue. Buy it here
I can’t wait to see my craft class kids fall in love with them.


DIY Paper Lantern Step 1a
Step 1 – Start by applying glue dots using the TruGrip CR-8 Orb at the two ends of a popsicle stick. Now stick two popsicles sticks on top of each end to form an L shape.

DIY Paper Lantern Step 1b
Step 2 – Repeat at all edges to make a square. I kept 2 sticks down & 2 on the top. Press hard till it dries and the frame is sturdy.

DIY Paper Lantern Step 1c

Step 3 – Make four squares the same as above. I used 16 sticks in total to make 4 squares that will eventually form our cube.

DIY Paper Lantern Step 1d

Step 4 – Measure the width of the square frame and cut out a long rectangular strip of tracing paper equal to the width of the frame and more than 4 times the length.

Apply glue to all four sides of the craft stick frame and carefully stick the tracing paper on top of it. 

DIY Paper Lantern Step 3

Step 5 – Now glue the second stick-frame onto the tracing paper by placing it carefully next to the first one. I like to leave a 1 cm space between two frames so that it can be folded later.

DIY Paper Lantern Step 3a
Step 6 – Glue all four squares on the tracing paper as shown in the picture. I left a 1-inch extra paper at one of the ends. This can be used to connect all the squares from a flat lay to a 3D cube shape.

DIY Paper Lantern Step 6
Step 7 – Now comes the fun part. You can draw or trace a design using a black marker. Just keep any pattern, could be a mandala design or a free hand Diya drawing,  under the wrapping paper and trace away!

Feel free to download the printable design that I used.

DIY Paper Lantern Step 8
Step 8 – I used colorful markers inspired by the TruGrip glue orbs, to color my design.
Without applying too much pressure, fill in all details. If your kids are going to join in the coloring, make sure they don’t press too hard and be careful that the paper doesn’t tear.

DIY Paper Lantern Step 9a
Step 9 – I made two lanterns. For one I used the template and for the other, I drew a Diya free hand.
You can leave all other sides plain or draw waves in different colors directly as I did. Once all 4 sides are colored, the lantern is now ready to be assembled.

DIY Paper Lantern Step 11

Step 10 – Apply glue on the extra piece of tracing paper at the end and stick the first frame to the last to form a box.

DIY Paper Lantern 13

There! You have your lovely Diwali lantern ready and all you need to do is pop in some tealight candles inside and make a pretty tablescape that’s ready for a Diwali party!

DIY Paper Lantern Insta 1

These Diwali Popsicle Stick Lanterns are perfect to add the warm ambiance and glow for the battery-operated candles (caution: don’t use real candles to avoid creating a fire hazard).

It is important to spend time with our children – not just when they are small, but also in their teenage years. Time spent together will help the family build memories – these are the things your kids will remember when they’re grown up and start their own families.

You can make this craft easily as a family, with each person adding their own design to each face of the lantern. Crafting with your child is also a great opportunity to have a chat, to ask them about their day, and connect with them.

DIY Paper Lantern YT 1

There are a lot more homemade Diwali decoration ideas that you can do, but we hope these Diwali Paper Lanterns can help you add the DIY touch this Diwali.

Do share your lovely creations with us at @ArtsyCraftsyMom on Facebook & Instagram and don’t forget to leave a comment telling me which design you liked best.



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  1. This looks very easy to use. Bhavye will be super excited to use it. Will order these for him right away. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Hi,
    I made these lanterns with mu student but instead of using drawing we use the small pieces of color tissue paper, to act like the sun catcher! I really want to do the drawing one but sharpie did not work on it, even Crayola markers did not work, I would like to know what kind of black markers and color markers did you use?