First trip on a aeroplane

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Its been long since I actually sat down to write what I planned to write for that day.. each day its a mad rush to capture the happenings. I forgot to blog about Lil P’s first flight. You might remember our Kerala Trip last month..On our way back we took the flight to Bangalore.
For records :
Date – Sept 1st, 2011
Flight – From Trivendrum To Bangalore
IndigoAir – 5.40 Pm

I don’t know who was more excited, Me or Lil P !! I was boarding a flight after 5 years.. and I was more excited that it was her first time.

She loved the fact that she got a window seat and that the seats had a seat belt.. We gave her a lollipop to lick so that the air pressure would not affect her. She glanced at the air hostess and then completely ignored her.. I was hoping she would be excited abt meeting one up close and personal after dressing as one in her school. She seemed fascinated ( or scared?? ) at the huge size of a aircraft.

Once we were up in the air, She loved the clouds and then again got bored and started fiddling with my mobile, playing games.


Before we knew it, snacks arrived and with it her gift. She choose a Barbie voice record and play mike from their online catalog . I was at my happiest best and indulged her. Infact I wanted to buy a toy pillow shaped liked the indigo airline.. but hubby refused to cater to fancies of a 30 year old kid!

disney princess microphone


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