How to Draw a Rangoli in under 15 minutes

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Talking about celebrations & home decor one cannot forget the exquisite traditional motifs of Rangoli designs used to decorate the entrances of households . Rangoli is an invitation to Laxmi – Goddess of wealth. It is traditionally done near the entrance using powdered rice, turmeric, stone powder, artificial colours, using grains and cereals, flowers and many other natural material. Just thought I should share  simple rangoli designs that anyone can try out and the effect is equally stunning. Here’s

How to Draw a Rangoli in under 15 minutes 


Materials :

  1. Plastic sieve
  2. Rangoli powder – Yellow, Red, Purple, White
  3. Magazine cover
  4. Transparent cello-tape.




  1. Assemble all materials at place where you would like to put the rangoli.
  2. Take the plastic seive and ligtly pour powdered yellow rangoli until the floor beneath is covered by color. Do not touch, Do not shake.
  3. Lightly shake the seive so as to let all residual powder settle below. pick up the seive & place on a paper at the side.
  4. Similarly, place the seive on the right side of yellow circle and repeat steps 2 & 3 using color red.
  5. Continuing in the same fashion, put alternate red and voilet circles around the yellow circle.
  6. Make a paper cone out of the magazine cover and put cello-tape to fix it in place. Add white rangoli powder to it. Cut the lower end to make a small hole. Make sure that hole is big enough to let the rangoli flow freely out of the cone without external stimulus. ganesha4
  7. Using your cone, draw outlines to each circle.
  8. Put dots in the center of each circle, Put muruku like design along the circumference.
  9. Make your own design within each circle. Or you can choose to leave it blank.
  10. End it with a swastik in the center.



What do u think? Is it easy enough??  One more coming your way…

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