Halloween Crafts – Trick or Treat paper bag Monster bookmarks

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Halloween Crafts

Halloween is not a big deal at our house.Lil p had not even heard of it until we moved to this new apartment complex. But things are different this year..She has a gang of girlfriends who plan to go door to door dressed in costumes asking for treats.. She is mighty excited about the whole thing and to encourage her & her gang we made a treat bag and some monster bookmarks ..

Halloween trick treat paper bag

The bookmarks are pretty easy to make and are quite popular on Pinterest.  … For the trick or treat bag, we used a large handmade paper sheet and made paper bags out of them.. Decorated the bag with spooky characters and it was ready! 🙂
Here are the happy Faces ..

Halloween crafts for kids

Some of our favorite craft book recommendations for Halloween are

Here is a list of our Halloween crafts

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