Handprint Octopus

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To get you guys more excited abt painting with ur kids, this week will feature more activities based on the theme for this month – Handprint / Foot print art. These will not be considered for the artsy-craftsy so don’t worry. All craft activities are done by Lil P with help from me.

The handprint octopus
handprint octopus

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  1. @lostworld : Well Her mom is teaching her!! πŸ˜› This is not something she can do on her own yet. She sits patiently while I color her hands n is super excited when I complete the picture.
    @Jyoti: Thanks πŸ™‚

  2. @disha: πŸ™‚ me too!
    @mohan.. LOL its 2 hand prints on top of each other. 2nd time we just painted 3 fingers.
    @swaram: valentines day is just round the corner :p paint ur own hand on his tee!

  3. ohh i am sure going to do this , when we paint next, since aryan loves octopus πŸ™‚

    Btw ..we painted 2 of your ideas this weekend , will post pics soon

  4. maha cute!! so this is like one and half hand? and you use poster colours for this stuff?!

    pls help an agyaani uncreative mom! πŸ˜€