Fingerprint Corn on the Cob Art for kids

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This Finger Print Corn craft is the perfect fall or farm craft for younger children. They may need help cutting out the shapes, but they’ll love to make the corn kernels all by themselves!

Fingerprint Corn on the Cob Art for kidsfingerprint corn o the cob


  • Yellow card paper ( construction paper will also do. The thicker, the better)
  • Scissors
  • Green Crepe Paper
  • Acrylic or Tempera Paints – Orange, yellow, Red, Brown. we chose the fall colors for this.
  • Glue stick.

To make:

Cut out the yellow card stock into a 6 inch inverted U shape. With younger kids, it’s better to first draw the shape & then cut. Adult supervision is required.


fingerprint corn o the cob _68921

Next cut the leaves for the corn. Make smaller leaf shaped cuts using green crepe paper. I love the texture of the crepe papers and always mix and match different papers for a craft activity.

fingerprint corn o the cob _68901

Now ask your little ones to dip their forefingers in the paints and dab away.

fingerprint corn o the cob _68931

Wait between each color to allow the earlier color to dry completely else the round finger-prints will get messed up.


fingerprint corn o the cob _68951

Stick on the leaves in slight angles at the bottom using glue. and your Fingerprint Corn on the con art is ready!

Finger print Corn on the cob

You could make multiples of these and string it into a bunting. A few of these hung on a door or window make great homemade fall decorations.

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