Hello Winter – A drawing by Lil P

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IMG 0056a

Lil P’s school holds drawing competitions every month and Lil p wanted to draw and paint better [ her words, not mine]. The major issues with her drawings I feel is that she doesn’t complete a picture. Ie, if someone hands you a A4 sized paper, and asks you to draw a snowman, Lil p will just draw a small snowman in the center and submit. I was trying to explain that in order for a drawing or picture to be complete, It needs supporting characters that makes it more attractive. Add a house , add some snow, Colour in the sky, Draw some trees etc etc. .. I also encouraged her to use different similar colours to get a better effect This is what she came up on her own.

My next step is to teach her how to add Focus and Depth. Do you see how the house, the tree and snowman are all of the same size? My next tips for her were to draw a bigger snowman, and to add in some mountains with objects that are closer being more brighter and farther away are lighter to give the illusion of depth. Will share my drawing tips as we go.

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