20 Gorgeous Winter Art Ideas For Kids!

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20 Winter Art For Kids that are truly Frame-worthy!! From penguins to snowmen to landscapes – everything winter can be turned into art!

They say that every season has its own beauty, but my favorites are spring and winter. Although it doesn’t snow here, the chill in the air reminds me that it is snowing somewhere in the world! And then I imagine snowflakes, snowmen, and beautiful winter landscapes.

One great way to put that imagination to good use is through art! Get the kids and your supplies together and create some breathtaking winter art that is truly gorgeous. Trust me, even kids can create frame-worthy art without much time or trouble!

20 Frame-worthy Winter Art Ideas for Kids

Capture the beauty of the season with these 20 Winter Art Ideas for Kids that are truly frame-worthy! From penguins to landscapes - everything is art!

1. Happy Penguins Winter Art Project

Winter Art Ideas for Kids

Let’s start off this list with a happy project, shall we? And we can’t think of anything happier than these smiley colorful penguins from Deep Space Sparkle!! A combination of collage and art techniques, it’s a fun project for even young kids.

2. Snowflake Winter Art For Kids

Winter Art Ideas for Kids

Snowflakes are an integral part of winter and we’ve been having fun with a Popsicle stick snowflake craft and a snowflake lacing card. But you should definitely give this cool snowflake art project from Art Projects for Kids, which uses salt to create some lovely textures.

3. Starry Night Sky Winter Art project

Winter Art Ideas for Kids

The night sky is always a beautiful sight, but it’s particularly gorgeous when it’s winter and snowing! Buggy and Buddy have the perfect art project to reflect a winter night sky. All you really need for this are paints in basic colors and a brush!

4. Catching Snowflakes Art activity

Winter Art Ideas for Kids

You know what’s more fun than watching snow falling through the night sky? Catching them on your tongue! Runde’s Room has recreated this in an adorable art project that represents a kid looking up with mouth wide open – and catching a snowflake on her tongue!

5. Pom Pom Printed Snow Globe Winter Art for preschoolers

Winter Art Ideas for Kids

Here is the perfect winter art project for your preschooler – a cardboard snow globe! Crafty Morning shows us how you can create a cute little snow globe craft and develop your child’s motor skills at the same time! Just basic craft supplies and you’re done!

6. Fold and Print Winter Reflections

Winter Art Ideas for Kids

Want to create art that looks like it was painted by a famous artist? Well then, this project from The Pinterested Parent is perfect for you! Check out the video which shows you the genius method of using a fold and print method to create beautiful winter reflections.

7. Aerial View Snowmen – winter art project for elementary students

Winter Art Ideas for Kids

When you think about it, snowmen are kind of easy to draw. You just need a few circles on top of each other than a carrot nose and eyes. But how does the same snowman look from an aerial view? Tiny Art Room has an art project about a perspective that’s really interesting!

8. Winter Tree Squeegee Painting

Winter Art Ideas for Kids

We love trying out different techniques of painting, which is why we love this particular project from Hello Wonderful so much! The background has a cool blizzard look because of salt, and the squeegee creates some really pretty winter trees!

9. Mitten Art – kindergarten winter art project

Winter Art Ideas for Kids

No, we aren’t going to be painting mittens – we are talking about a cute and colorful art project from Klassen Klunst. The mittens are basically a tissue paper collage while the actual art happens in the background. But the end result is just so eye-catching!

10. Watercolor and Oil Pastel Resist Snowflake

Winter Art Ideas for Kids

Watercolors and oil pastels join hands to create stunning snowflake art, as shown in Arty Crafty Kids. The end result looks like it took a long time to do, but the basic process is pretty simple. As kids continue painting, they’ll be amazed at how their snowflake just pops!

11. Snowy Woods Art

Winter Art Ideas for Kids

We’ve all heard of Robert Frost’s lines, ‘The woods are lovely, dark and deep, and this artwork from The Crafty Crow perfectly captures the essence of these lines. This frame-worthy piece of art makes use of an eyedropper, a toothpick, tape, and of course, a paintbrush!

12. Aspen Tree and Birds Art Project – winter art projects for preschoolers

Winter Art Ideas for Kids

There are so many ways you can do this delightful aspen tree and birds project from I Heart Crafty Things! Make the birds a solid color or a mix of colors. Paint on the beak or stick them. Draw eyes or stick googly eyes. The options are endless, making it great for all age groups!

13. Winter Village Shape Art Idea

Winter Art Ideas for Kids

If your little one has just learned the names of shapes, she’s sure to be excited to try out this shape art from The Pinterested Parent! Basic shapes come together to create a village, but it is the details that make it so interesting. Use buttons, cotton wool, or anything you want to make your village come to life!

14. Winter Tree Finger Painting

Winter Art Ideas for Kids

It’s amazing to see the art effects you can create with just a Q tip! Easy Peasy and Fun show us how to use this humble object to create a lovely snowy effect on nothing but a black tree on a blue background. For younger kids, you can do the tree first and let them do their stuff with the Q tip.

15. Polar Bear Process Art

Winter Art Ideas for Kids

Alright, this is one art project you might want to take outside, even if it’s cold! The kids are just going to love this process art from Play to Learn Preschool – it involves a lot of ‘getting your hands dirty! But they are going to be even more excited after the final reveal of the bear!

16. Northern Lights Art

Winter Art Ideas for Kids

The Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, are a light display phenomenon, usually seen in places like Alaska, Greenland, Iceland, etc. The sight is too magnificent to put into words, but That Artist Woman has tried to put it into a picture! Check out this amazing art project that deserves a golden frame!

17. Winter Cityscapes

Winter Art Ideas for Kids

We’ve looked at how winter appears in the woods, now let’s take a trip into the city! Painted Paper Art has a simple but effective technique to recreate a city in winter. The painting of the sky and cutting out of the buildings is a good idea, but it is the addition of glitter that truly makes it frame-worthy!

18. Newspaper Winter Landscape

Winter Art Ideas for Kids

Recycled projects are always extra interesting, and this one from I Heart Crafty Things makes use of two things – bubble wrap and newspaper! It’s fun to paint with unusual things like bubble wrap, and it creates a wonderful snowy effect on the background.

19. Alpine Trees Winter Art Idea

Winter Art Ideas for Kids

Painted Paper Art brings Alpine Trees to life in a beautiful winter art project. The use of different shades of green for the trees is a great idea and really makes the trees more real. The use of pre-painted paper for the ground is also genius!

20. Winter Cardinal Art

Winter Art Ideas for Kids

Just looking at this picture makes you feel all festive, doesn’t it? Elementary Art Fun gives us an art project that has a good mix of colors and a realistic look – just look at all those branches crisscrossing each other!

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Aren’t these winter art ideas for kids just gorgeous! They’re pretty easy to make too, and many include a mix of different art techniques. It’s great practice for the kids and will encourage them to try more challenging projects. So tell us, which work of art are you framing this winter?

Capture the beauty of the season with these 20 Winter Art Ideas for Kids that are truly frame-worthy! From penguins to landscapes - everything is art!

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