India Republic Day Crafts for kids to make

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India Republic Day Crafts

For today’s class the theme was India Republic Day Crafts for kids to make.

We first made icecream stick flags..

Materials –

  1. 2 Orange , 3 white & 2 green lolly sticks
  2. Blue marker
  3. 2 way stickes
  4. Acrylic colors if colored sticks are not available
  5. Coloured papers – orange, white & green to make the chain
  6. Pipe cleaners – orange white & green for the bracelets.

To make –

  1. Line the 6 Icecream sticks  in Indian Flag Colours.
  2. These were attached to a longer icecream stick using 2 way stickers.
  3. The kids drew a chakra using Blue markers.
  4. We used coloured icecream sticks.You can colour them using water colours or acrylic colours too.
  5. You can even stick coloured paper on it.
  6. Then we made pipe cleaner bracelets…
  7. Orange white and green chenille sticks were twisted into a braid to form a bracelet.
  8. We needed 3 long sticks to make 1 bracelet.
  9. The edges can be sharp so ensure that the edges are properly sealed / bent.
  10. We finally made a paper chain using coloured papers – Orange white and green inspired by Putti’s amma’s craft from last year. Simple, effective and the kids loved it..
  11. Coloured paper stips about 1 inch x 5 inches were woven together to form a chain.
  12. The kids used fevicol to link the chains with each other.

Lil p is missing in these pictures as she is sick. Viral fever. Hope she recovers in time for her annual day dance that’s on 29th. We missed the flag hoisting in our apartment too.

Every year we have Republic day celebrations in our apartment complex – Flag hoisting, Fancy dress competitions, Freedom speech & songs recital competition, Drawing followed by a lot of kids activities. It is a lot of fun for the kids.

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