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I know my last post was rather gloomy!! Thought I’d cheer myself (and others) by sharing a few pics from last week..

This is Lil p’s latest doll collection, which is showcased (very proudly) next to our TV in the living room.. Latest additions are the 2 barbies.. I had kept them hidden away all these days but she saw them when I was diwali-cleaning. She has 5 more of those which I safely kept out of reach ( just to make it clear to all the anti barbie fans! none of these are bought. All are gifts) .. Then there is her first soft toy – rabbit (sasa) who is carried everywhere… I mean EVERYWHERE. and wears a pink frock most days!! Then there is a white n pink teddy bear.. he is the papa teddy bear (from goldilocks and the 3 bears) … and the cutsie yellow teddy bear .. (A gift from PC from my college days).. who mostly has stomach aches.. just so that Lil p can poke him with an injection & feed him his meds to make him big n strong. [ wonder how that logic never worked with Lil p!!] n 2 cute cloth dolls.. aptly called mahi n urvi ( her fav cousins!!) ..and finally there is the queen barbie, who does not have toto (bath) cos shes the queen u see.. .. and the naughty barbie!! Why naughty?? err .. thats cos she doesn’t wear her ‘chaddi’ … anyway, notice the red mark on their forehead??? Thats from the kumkum shes obsessed with.. Lil P lovesssssssss to apply kumkum to every lady that comes visiting!
and the 2nd pic is from 1st day of diwali… Lil p busy putting ‘apple’ rangoli
Thats my lil ‘lefty’ !!! Do u see the rolled up sleeves??? I was wearing a 3/4th sleeve chudidar when I got down to putting rangoli and so rolled up my sleeves.. Lil P did the same .. except her shirt had mega sleeves!!! Cute na?? N oh!! speaking abt rangoli and not showing u the pic would be sacrilege.. Check it here
Edited to add : Oh I forgot to share what happened yesterday!! U remember the themocol diyas that I painted and Lil p stuck along the our corridor??? Well they were stolen yesterday!! By our apartment kids!!
Normally nobody is home during the week day.. but yesterday I was working from home as Lil p was sick.. In the evening I heard chattering voices of some kids from our block.. I thought they have come to call Lil P to play and went towards the door to tell them that shes just fallen asleep, don’t disturb.. n what do i see!! 3 kids pulling out the diyas and running away!! I was dumbfounded.. Did not know how to react! These are the same kids I had earlier spoken about here. First foul language, then misbehaviour, now STEALING!!!
Whats wrong with their mom!!!

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  1. Ha ha ha .. rolled up sleeves – too cute 🙂

    Cute collection of toys there – lovely soft toys! I still collect them 😉 😉

  2. Nice collection! I bet you don’t need to buy any more barbies for Lil’P 😀

    Oh yeah.. rolled up sleeves are a sign of involvement.. she is doing such a hard work! Body language speaks 🙂

  3. love love love the l’il P with the rolled up sleeves …how cute she is !! and for her age her mastery over the sieve and rangoli is amazing !!
    loved all the toys too !!

  4. oops sorry…I forgot to mention about the thieves in your apartment…you must tell their mom, because today it’s just the diyas…tomorrow it may be something bigger…

  5. Cutie pie she is.These girls how they want to imitate their mothers no,my elder kid always wants me to buy a chudidhar.

    Even i have such kids as my neighbours,so i hardly send my kids to play with them.

    Lil p is also barbie fan?

  6. This goes as a combined comment for all your posts I’ve missed over the last week.. (I did read them all now).

    Belated Diwali wishes to your entire family 🙂
    Hope Lil P is alright now…and YOU too!! Rolling up sleeves & working .. LOL.. You mommy! How could you make her work so hard??? 🙂

  7. She’s looking so adorable…concentrating on her work…!
    Shame on the parents of the thief-kids! I wonder what the kids will become when they grow up!

  8. @swaram: So did I … So Did I… makes me realize how time flies when I see her play with all the stuffy-lovey-dovey toys PC gifted me… ahhh those days!

    @Mohan: I’m not going to buy any barbie for her!! ya i’m saying it now.. in a years time I’ll be giving in to her demands. 😉 .. Yup i was amazed at her concentration.

    @Neelum: well .. she did use (waste) 1 packet of red rangoli.. but she let me put mine! for that i’m thankful 🙂
    I told their mom.. the kids came home n returned the diyas n said sorry..

    @EC: Lil p gives 1 of her phamus bigggg hugs n big kissies to EC aunty

    @varunavi’s mom : ya!!! she wants to make dosasa.. iron pappa’s shirts.. go to office!! LOL.
    I don’t let lil p play with them anymore.
    Lil p is not yet a fan… shez rt now very very fascinated with their dresses n shoes!! (Girls!!!)

    @Sands 🙂 thanks.

    @Hary- Welcome here n thanks. Do keep visiting

    @lostworld.. how was ur diwali 🙂 .. Shes better now 🙂 going to school. Awwwww mommy can’t do everything around the house!!

    @Meira: hmm.. They are still young and can change their behaviour. I hope the kids parents realize that

  9. That is such a cute toy colelction of lil P. I am glad you are back on. And lil P rolling up her sleeves to copy you, that is jsut cute. I can relate that to my son trying to copy everything his dad does – shaving, wearing shoes, combing his hair, packing his lunch box and even talking on the cell phone 🙂