Painting a simple Madhubani Fish in 12 steps

Here are some more tutorials for

Madhubani art ideas for kids

A wonderful DIY by Deepa Gopal for Artsy-Craftsy-June . Do follow the link for detailed instructions

What you need:
  1. Plastic sheet
  2. Cardstock (colour of your choice)
  3. A sketch (I have drawn a Madhubani sketch here. It’s a folk art of Bihar, India)
  4. Scissors
  5. Glass Paints
  6. Brush
  7. Magnet
  8. Glue
Here are the step by step instructions –
  1. Trace the design on a paper.
  2. Place the transparent OHP sheet on top of the design
  3. Trace using Glass paint outliner
  4. Once the outline is dry, use glass paints to colour in
  5. tackle one section at a time taking care to let one area dry before moving to the other
  6. Cut the artwork along the edges
  7. Paste a colored cardstock behind the art.
  8. Attach a magnet and use like a fridge magnet
There are more ideas to try

Madhubani Clay Magnets – DIY

Madhubani clay magnets making tutorial shown with clear steps and images for each step

Madhubani Peacock

Peacocks are a common theme in Mithila paintings like most of folk art in India. Here the artist has rendered a peacock  in madhubani style

Madhubani Bookmark – DIY

This link shows how you could make some classy bookmarks designed the Madhubani way. They have a step by step tutorial on making madhubani bookmarks…

Madhubani Style Pot Painting

Madhubani paintings are traditionally done on canvas, handmade paper or cloth. The link shows steps to  make a simple Madhubani design on a mud pot.

46 Madhubani Border Designs

One of the best ways to practice Madhubani is to draw its designs on small pieces of handmade paper. This link sjows 46 designs for you to practice

Madhubani magnets

we love magnets and this is one easy elephant design

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