Musings from a hospital bed….

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I came back from a short trip to bgm (lil p is now being ultra pampered by my mom) straight to this lil hospital near our place.. down with typhoid and a raging 104 fever.
Ever wondered

  • Why all hospital beds are sooo #%@! high? for my 5 foot frame I literally have to jump to climb aboard or get down..Feels like the new SU berth of the indian railways!
  • Why the side bed ( the guest 1) is shorter n smaller.. is it to make the companion so uncomfortable that he never sleeps thus risking “not hearing” the patient in the middle of the nt?
  • Why hospital food comes looking like a grand 5 course meal but ur taste buds never register.. appreances sure are decieving.
  • Why u crave for an icecream and hot rasam the moment the doc says no cold – no spice. Duh.. hope u get pregnant have tonsilitis soon doc.. and i don’t care if u r a guy. not get to eat yummy stuff.
  • Speaking of pregnancy.. I think it does wonders… U get soo used to being poked, prodded, pierced.. everything else seems too lame after that. The nurse asks, let me know if it pains n u go.. ohh bring it on. I’ve seen worse.
  • and last but not least , When u finally get 1: 1 TV time.. u r too drowzy to either notice or celebrate.

ciao folks.. I’m turning 30 tomorrow .. do send in some  +ve vibes and some lovely crafts to cheer me up.

PS: forgive me for leaving comments at ur blog with spelling mistakes .. oh! i didn’t leave any? sigh.. my brain is too muddled rt now.. Hope u’ll forgive me.

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  1. Hey Shruti, take gud care and pls get well soon. Sent u an SMS as soon as I saw ur msg @ Pixie’s … send me ur address when u can 🙂
    Loads of luv and hugs for u 🙂
    Had taken note of ur bday to wish u tmrw .. nevertheless, best wishes in advance. God bless u!

  2. Oh oh…not too good being in the hospital near your bday! Wish you a speedy recovery and also happy bday in advance. BTW are you pregnant again (not sure I understood abt your cravings for icecream or rasam). Am confused…?

  3. Ohh Shruti take good care and wish you happy birthday !

    I aggree with all what you said , esp the pregnancy part 🙂

  4. You know I wanted to wish you a happy pregnancy too..just for kicks..inspite of reading that you are not preg 🙂 Anyway, I hope you recover soon.. and please have a blast on your birthday..

    Take care and Happy Birthday once again!

  5. Hey.. take care and get well soon!
    Advance b’day wishes to you. God bless!!

    And agree with most things you’ve written, esp the pregnancy one 🙂

  6. oh god!hope you get well soon!sad that it had to happen so close to your bday
    and agree with u on your musings about the hospital

  7. Many more happy returns dearest Shruti 🙂 Take care of your health. 30 or 60, you are a rocking woman. Truly!!:) Have a blast. You can eat the ice-cream later though.

  8. @divs : Dear gosh NOOOOOOO!! my hubby would have a heart attack rt now. 😉
    The hospital food tastes yuck. so remembered mom’s piping hot rasam. n icecream bcos i can’t eat anything cold. I also have acute tonsilitis.

  9. Shruti hope you get well soon and have a blast on your landmark B’day of 30.I can only send wishes no crafts for me though.I saw it in FB and made a note.
    And reg Pregnancy,congrats dear.

  10. hey there . . get well soon. am sure u will be out in no time n keep rocking. n best wishes n hugs for the big b de..

  11. @shankari: awwww u bad bad ppl. u know i want the 2nd 1 🙂 .. but hav patience my ladies.
    Once hubby dearest finishes his course, we might giv it a serious shot. nothing till then. Hopefully.

  12. Hey am not get ideas,actually misunderstood ur statement in a hurried reading,well will be careful here after,anyways i was ROTFLing.

  13. @smita: Thanks. I’m better. Much better after seeing all my gifts 😉
    @Divs: Yikes!! I crossed off my earlier sentence
    @Shalini. Thank you.:)
    @ambulisamma: No its ok 🙂 the sentence was misleading.. n I really want to have a 2nd baby. Just not this year. So no issues.
    @pooh, momo’s ma: Thanks 🙂
    @lostworld: I’m banned icecream for life!!!!!! 🙁 but we’ll make it up with gulabjamuns ok ?
    @sands: Thanks 🙂 Much better already.
    @lavanya: Yup. Enjoyed my day at home.
    @pvs, nivs, smita: Thank you ladies 🙂 u made my day.
    @timepass: Thank you 🙂
    @swaram: left u a msg on FB.
    @swati: what are u doing abt aryan’s summer holidays??

  14. I’m way too late here… I hope you are better now. Wish you a very happy birthday, belated though…