Origami Dog Face & Origami House

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OrigamiHouse OrigamiDog

We made the Origami Dog Face & then pasted googly eyes & drew some features with sketch pens. Then Lil P wrote “secret” messages for her daddy under the doggie’s ears.

Then we made the origami house and pasted it on a plain sheet of paper. Lil p then drew flowers around the house and turned it into a collage 🙂

Find the easy tutorial here & here

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  1. How lovely! Thanks for the tutorial links. Havent tried origami with Putti, u’ve inspired me to:)

  2. @Adithi’s amma : Lil p is loving the doggie face.. we made a lot more and under each ear she wrote messages..
    @Shama: I will feature all your entries soon.
    @Roopa: I saw that Lil p was happy to have one or two folds.. and when it was tough, she would hand it back to me.. But she loved allllllll the end products 🙂
    @Esther – Do join in pls..