Cute and Easy Paper Bag Dinosaur Puppet Craft for Kids

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InGot a dinosaur fan? This super cute Paper Bag Dinosaur Puppet Craft is something your little one will enjoy making and playing with!

A few years ago, there was a news article that went viral, talking about how kids obsessed with dinosaurs had higher levels of intelligence. This resulted in parents of dinosaur fans breathing a sigh of relief, while other parents tried to get their kids to watch Jurassic Park so they’d start getting interested!

We believe all kids have their own kinds of intelligence, all of which are important in their own way. But there’s something else you can’t deny – dinosaurs are really interesting! There are so many different kinds of dinosaurs, and they all had different kinds of strengths and weaknesses. And despite their enormous size and power, they went extinct!

Well, even if we don’t have dinosaurs today, they are certainly very much alive in popular culture and of course, our kids’ imaginations! If your little one loved Rex from the Toy Story or is a fan of the Jurassic park series, we’ve got something else that they’ll enjoy – a paper bag dinosaur puppet!

This dinosaur puppet is super easy to make and looks, oh so adorable! All you need is a paper bag, some craft paper and you’re good to go!


Cute and Easy Paper Bag Dinosaur Puppet Craft

Paper Bag Dinosaur Craft 1 3

Supplies required:

  • Craft paper in different colors
  • Brown paper bag
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil

Paper Bag Dinosaur Puppet 1

How to make the Paper Bag Dinosaur Puppet Craft:



1. Download and print the paper bag dinosaur puppet template. The template includes parts for the dinosaur’s head, scales, tail, eyes, belly, cheeks, arms and legs.


2. Trace the template parts on craft paper of appropriate colors and cut them out. We’ve used shades of green for the head, tail, scales, tummy, arms and legs. We went with white for the hands and feet as well as pink paper for the cheeks. 

Paper Bag Dinosaur Puppet 2

3. Let’s get the arms and legs ready first. Stick the hands to the arms and the feet to the ends of the legs. Keep these aside.

Paper Bag Dinosaur Puppet 3

4. Stick the scales on the head and tail. Use the larger, curved scales piece for the head and the smaller one for the tail. 

Paper Bag Dinosaur Puppet 4

5. Let’s focus on the dino’s face. Stick the eyes and cheeks with glue. Use the marker and draw the remaining facial features of the paper bag dinosaur puppet.

Paper Bag Dinosaur Puppet 5

6. Take out the paper bag. Cut out a rectangle of green paper the size of the paper bag. 

Paper Bag Dinosaur Puppet 6

7. Stick the green rectangle on the paper bag. Remember the tummy of the paper bag dinosaur puppet? Stick the tummy on top of the green rectangle.

Paper Bag Dinosaur Puppet 7

8.  Time to put together the paper bag dinosaur puppet! Stick the dinosaur’s head on the flap of the paper bag. 

Paper Bag Dinosaur Puppet 8

9. Your paper bag dinosaur puppet is almost done! Stick the arms on either side of the paper bag, and the feet at the bottom. Stick the tail towards one side so it pops out from the back. That’s it – you’re done!

Paper Bag Dinosaur Puppet 9

We just can’t get over how absolutely adorable this little guy is! We think he’d be a great partner to our paper bag beaver puppet. This paper bag dinosaur puppet craft would also make a great addition to our dinosaur learning series which includes a printable dinosaur addition game, a printable dinosaur shape match, dinosaur memory game printable as well as a dinosaur alphabet sequencing puzzle. This paper bag dinosaur puppet would also make a great activity for a dinosaur theme party, where you can even go dressed up in a dinosaur costume!

Paper Bag Dinosaur Craft 1

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  1. I do not see the download for this dinosaur pattern highlighted anywhere in this post. Could you please help? I’d really like to make this ADORABLE dinosaur with my 5 year old granddaughter who LOVES them!