15 Super Cute Pokémon Crafts for Kids

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Whether you’re a fan of the show or the game, you’re sure to love these Pokémon Crafts for Kids! Make them for fun or to give to your friends!

Pokémon has it’s own fan following, and judging by how popular the game became, we know that anything Pokémon sells! That’s why Pokémon Day is being observed, to celebrate the launch of Pokémon.

Did you realize that it’s been 22 years since Pokémon was first introduced in the world? Yes, that’s quite a long time! So with Pokémon Day coming up on 27th February, we’ve put together some really cute Pokémon crafts for kids. Make them to play with, display in your room, or gift to your friends!!

15 Super Cute Pokémon Crafts for Kids

Whether you're a fan of the show or the game, you're sure to love these Pokémon Crafts for Kids! Make them for fun or to give to your friends!

1. DIY Pokémon Go Charm Bracelet

Pokémon Crafts for Kids

This DIY Pokémon bracelet from I Heart Crafty Things is so cute, you don’t need a Pokémon fan to make it! You can get most of the supplies from a craft store or online. Make sure there is an adult to help since there is heat involved.

2. DIY Pokémon Kaleidoscope Paper Toy

Pokémon Crafts for Kids

This craft from Red Ted Art is super cool! Each paper toy features a Pokémon character evolution, and is a fun toy to play with! Don’t worry, you just need to download the printables – there is a coloring version as well as a ready-to-use version.

3. Clay Pikachu Pencil Topper

Pokémon Crafts for Kids

If you have a friend who’s a die-hard Pokémon fan, they’ll love this little Pikachu pencil topper, made of clay. This little guy will be your friend throughout your day, whether at home or at school!

4. Pokéball Sun Catcher

Pokémon Crafts for Kids

This craft from And then comes L is a great option for little kids – or big ones who love making sun catchers! This craft uses tissue paper, contact paper and black markers to create a Pokéball that catches the sun!

5. Pikachu Sock Plushie

Pokémon Crafts for Kids

If you’ve got a young Pokémon fan in your home, then it’ll be worth your while to make this adorable Pikachu Sock Plushie from DIY Craftsy! It’s easier than it looks and the step by step pictorial is a huge help. The end result is truly impressive!

6. Paper Plate Oshawott Craft

Pokémon Crafts for Kids

Oshawott, because why should Pikachu have all the fun? The cute little creature comes to life in this paper plate craft from Kids Activities Blog. Check out all the details – the ears, the teeth, even the little freckles!

7. DIY Pokéball Clay Magnets

Pokémon Crafts for Kids

If you’ve enjoyed making the Pikachu pencil topper from above, then here’s another craft to make out of porcelain clay – Pokéball magnets! With basic colors, these magnets are simple to make, especially with the step by step instructions.

8. DIY Pokémon Go Pins

Pokémon Crafts for Kids

If you’ve got die-hard Pokémon Go fans in your home, then you don’t need to think twice before making these pins from Do it your Freaking Self! Choose your favorite team and make the matching pin, or go ahead and make the whole set!

9. Pokemon Corner Bookmark Set

Pokémon Crafts for Kids

Planning to do a whole lot of reading this summer? Then you’ll need lots of bookmarks to keep track of all your book places! Check out these cool corner bookmarks from Red Ted Art that’ll please any Pokemon fan!

10. Squirtle Pokemon Craft

Pokémon Crafts for Kids

Is it a squirrel? Is it a turtle? No, it’s a Squirtle! This adorable little Pokemon looks cuter in this Toilet Tube craft from The Art Dream. And with a free printable to download, this craft is as easy as A-B-C!

11. Origami Pikachu Tutorial

Pokémon Crafts for Kids

You know that we’re huge fans of Origami crafts and this Origami Pikachu from Paper Kawaii is just too cute! The smiley little Pikachu will look perfect on your desk or a shelf. Make the other Pokemon too and display them together!

12. Pokémon Pebble Craft

Pokémon Crafts for Kids

My Very Educated Mother has a fun craft to make with pebbles that looks like fun! Make a bunch of Pokémon Pebbles to use as pocket pals or to give out to your friends. Take it a level up by writing a cute message on the other side.

13. Pokemon Color By Number Pages

Printable Pokemon Color By Number

Pokemon color-by-number printable sheets are a perfect activity for kids who love Pokemon. These sheets feature images of their favorite Pokemon characters, numbered spaces, and a color key. Kids can follow the color key to fill in each numbered space with the correct color, revealing a fun and colorful picture of their favorite Pokemon. This activity is not only fun and engaging, but it also helps develop color recognition, number recognition, and fine motor skills in children.

14. Pokémon Breakfast Plate

Pokémon Crafts for Kids

This is such a cute breakfast idea for fussy eaters, and if they love Pokémon then you’ve hit the jackpot! With a pancake and fresh fruit, you can create an impressive Pokémon breakfast plate. Check out We Heart It for details.

15. Oddish Plushie Craft

Pokémon Crafts for Kids

Want to try something other than Pikachu? Give Milk Polka’s Oddish plushie craft, especially if you’d like to put your sewing skills to the test! The result is a cute little Pokémon that is sure to cheer up any corner of your room.

Whether you're a fan of the show or the game, you're sure to love these Pokémon Crafts for Kids! Make them for fun or to give to your friends!

I’m sure you’ve figured out how to celebrate Pokémon Day this year! Before we go, here are some fun Pokémon facts:

  • The word Pokémon is a combination of pocket + monster.
  • Pikachu’s name is a combination of pikapika (which means sparkle) and chūchū (which refers to squeaking)

  • Pokémon is the world’s second best selling video game

  • Azurill is the only Pokémon that can change it’s gender

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