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Print Media

Mothers world oct dec2013

Diwali Special  (Oct-Dec2013) edition of Mom & Me’s – Mother’s World magazine features 4 crafts from the ArtsyCraftsyMom blog… We are on page 88 & 89

Diwali Mothers world artsycraftsymom



3 Crafts from were published in the
Mother’s world magazine Inaugural Edition May -July 2013

50122 mother s world magazine



We are on page 106 and 107 🙂
[ Click image bellow for a bigger view ]

Featured in Timeout Delhi  Print magazine

Featured in Timeout Mumbai



Digital Media

Interview  on Women’s web


Honored to be featured in an article at Women’s Web. Please read the article to check out other fabulous moms on Twitter.

Interview at 

Online Guest Posts 

The Itsy Bitsy Blog

Screen+shot+2013 03 10+at+9.41.49+AM


Itsy Bitsy Feb


Itsy bitsy fish+061


3D Corrugated sheet flower


Pom Pom caterpillars


Farm scene craft corrugated sheet.jpg

Scarecrow pumpkin photo frame2

the alternative logo

Article  for “The Alternative” sharing an easy DIY Craft to make with your kid in under 10 minutes.
paper Christmas tree ornament craft DIY


Womens Web1
womens web diwali article

5 Crafting ideas for young Kids –  Women’s Web..





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  1. Dear Artsy Crafty Mother,

    chanced seeing your work through Mother’s world. You are doing a great job managing a full time job + your blog. If i may say so the aesthetic sensibilities on the blog are fantastic.