Sense-station day @ School

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In all the excitement about New year & the Artsy-Craftsy challenge, I totally forgot to do a post on the amazing sense-station day at Lil p’s school. It was last month. Each month, the school teaches the kids on a particular theme. November’s theme was the 5 senses – Touch, Smell, Taste, Sight & Sound. To give the parents an idea how these are taught to the kids, the school had organised a Sense-station day.. Where the parents could accompany the kids to the school for some sense-ational activities 🙂

First there was a sense-station for Sight.

Where Lil P had to find the missing picture, match patterns, assemble puzzles, bead the balls, Peep into a box which housed a day scene and a night scene. All the activities were carefully explained by the teacher and I was amazed at how nicely Lil p had grasped all the concepts..
Then came the sense-station for Hearing. In that classroom many musical instruments were kept for the kids to explore.. shake.. a recorder  nearby played animal sounds… and the kids had to recognise the animals. They played a few rhymes for the kids to dance to..
Then came the sense-station for taste & smell. This was really interesting.. There were food items primarily that fell into sour taste, sweet taste, salty taste & spicy.. tiny bread sandwiches – buttered, jam, green chutny.. to tickle their taste buds.. n for the smell.. there was jasmine, coffee, soap, Lil P was sooooooo excited. Some pics..


I liked the Sense-station for touch the most.. In this room various objects like grass, sand, paper, thermocol balls were lined in boxes n each kid had to walk over the item n identify if it was hard / soft & rough / smooth… Thats Lil p’s D teacher with her. and there was a box filled with big & small balls.. and without seeing, they had to identify if it was big or small. The teacher would cover their eyes n ask..

In all it was a fantastic morning spent at the school. We loved the opportunity to observe Lil P applying the concepts she had learnt that month. Hats off to the school for arranging this! How times have changed 🙂

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  1. Oh learning is so much fun this way .. glad she is part of such a nice school 🙂 I will join u Meira .. chale chalo 😉

  2. Nice concepts and like the innovative way this school is using to teach kids. It feels so good read about kids and their new learning modes. I too don’t mind going back and starting from primary schooling once again 🙂

  3. hi,
    glad to meet u on Jan 3rd. and glad to have found ur blog.

    I cant wait for my son to grow up to do some craft stuff with him! I still have drawers and cupboards overflowing with paints and colors and papers of all kinds from a not-so-busy-past.

    Lil P’s schools sounds like fun. Wish I could attend!

  4. @Meira: LOL. ya me too!
    @Swaram: The teaching methods are amazing! I never had so much fun learning.
    @Mohan. You shud just check out the sports they have for bigger kids!
    @TPL: absolutely rt!. The teachers also giv ideas on how to make the homework interesting.
    @Lohit: Hmm.. i think shes more similar to Pc than me!
    @Swati: 🙂 Love the pics from aryan’s sense-station day.
    @happyFeet 🙂 It was nice meeting u too! 2.5 is a good age to start art craft activities.. n ur son can surely attend lil p’s school 🙂


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