Spring Fest @ Office

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We had a Spring Fest at office yesterday.. I’m part of the Fun committee and also participated in a few events. Some pics from 3rd March

The various pamphlets & posters I designed for the event


The closeup of the rangoli we made – First dance of Spring


IMG 7458


Tamarind leaves, Sand, Flower petals, Black jeera,
IMG 7491

Our Cubicle decoration that won the 1st prize. Vasant utsav in a cube.. paper cutting on Brown paper & other flowery decorations. I made all the cutouts – Warli style paper cutouts stuck on Brown paper, girls flying kites, Village huts, Trees, Peacocks dancing and Butterflies.

The whole team had so much fun after a long time. 

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  1. @Anu: 🙂 Thank u.. was really hoping for a prize for that 1.. well we can’t win everything can we? 😉
    @Kannamma: Thank you 🙂 It was Fun.
    @R’s mom: Kya yaar! 🙂 but mast maja aaya
    @Vidya: Thank you 🙂
    @Shama: ya! it was after 2 years!
    @SuburbanMumma: Got to get used to seeing you here. 🙂 I’m very much real yaar!
    @UmaS: 🙂 glad that u liked it too.
    @Sands: n it was a lot of fun too.

  2. *sigh* Im shocked to say the least!! These are gorgeous… from those posters… to the rangoli.. and the warli style decor.. wow!! wow!!

    I love love that rangoli thing.. Its amazing.. how all different petals blend together to look so so awesome!! Well done!!

  3. Hi Shruti.. Came here thru CraftyMaa’s(Trishna) post on Ravelry. Its a small world,isn’t it?! I’m Jocelyn from the office. 🙂 nice to see your crafty side.. off to explore your blog.. and, yes.. The Spring Fest was a fun day..