The Artsy Craftsy Challenge Feb 2010

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Presenting the
artsy craftsy Feb
  1. Feb2010 β€˜s theme is paper crafts– Cut it, fold it, paste it, paint it, Origami, valentines cards, paper cutting the choice is yours. Any kind of paper will do.  You can make it yourself (take inspiration from the net) , take a pic, put it on your blog (or mail it to [email protected] ) along with brief steps and leave a comment here.
  2. Last date for sending your nominations is 20th of Feb.
  3. The winner will be chosen based on how easy yet stunning the end result looks and will be announced on the last day of the month. Extra weightage will be given if you (or ur kid) has made it.
  4. The entry has to be child-friendly and age appropriate for kids aged 1 to 10. Keep it simple.
  5. You can have more than 1 entry .. and increase your chances at winning.
  6. This challenge is open for all kids, ladies, gents, moms, dads , followers, lurkers… everyone.
  7. Additionally you can promote the event by mentioning it on ur blog or by adding this code to ur side bar. Spread the word.

Artsy-Craftsy Challenge

The Prize:

The 1st 3 prizes get a numbered badge for their blog.
artsy craftsy
Additionally, the winners also get a hand made card and some more surprise gifts.

This time, I won’t be able to send out a gift to each and every participant. But your craft will be featured here with a link back to ur blog. Treat this as a chance to have fun with ur kids.
Go on, get all Arsty-craftsy !!!

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  1. I am a kid!!! I love your challenge and am doing up my study table, just did a bulleting board! Will send you pics soon… Any chance to show off my work! Just so that you know… I’m not 5. I’m 21!

  2. Wow Shruti – I am truely inspired by your enthusiasm and am seriously going to make some time to revive my artsy craftsy self again! I am surprised how you do all this with a full time job and a child to handle. Kudos to you! Anyways, I am sending my hand-made invitation cards to N’s second bday party as an entry to this contest. Here is the url to a picture Let me know what else you need for qualifying this as an entry to your contest.

  3. @niveditha πŸ™‚ welcome here.. each 1 of us has a kid in there somewhere.. go on send me ur nomination.
    @art: Love them. Thanks.
    @swapna: lovely creations.. just check if all are listed in the collage.

    @divs & Trish: NICE!! keep them rolling gals!!

  4. My boy has something to contribute this time. The girl was working on hers and I will post it if she gets done before tomorrow πŸ™‚