The Pink Princess Party

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Note –  Sorry for the bad pics.. 🙁

Lil p wanted a pink princess party this year.. this time it was a very low key affair as I was very very busy with a office release. Hardly planned anything. We decided to restrict the party to her school and building friends.

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Everything was pink.. We made a castle in a record 1/2 hr from chart papers and lots of glitter & stickers. The walls were decorated in a simple pink balloon medley.. with pink streamers & my sis made crown cutouts from thermocol painted pink and had glitter jewels.

Activities & gifts
Each kid got a tiara (bought from Itsy Bitsy), Got glittery pink nailpolish , made a pink key chain, played musical statues & watched barbie princess movie.. The return gifts were pink lollipops & princess Uno cards.

Pink Princess Birthday

Pink popcorn, Pink creme wafers , jim jam biscuits, star & crown shaped cheese & jam sandwiches, watermelon cut into spheres, apple juice & strawberry icecream.
Pav bhaji was for the adults. and this gorgeous eggless chocolate cake from Bells and candles. I ordered it at the last minute(on the day of the party) and it got home delivered in time.

Barbie Cake Bells and candles


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  1. Belated birthday wishes to lil P! Lovely pics and ideas. Coincidentally, lil N had her 5th bday last month and she too wanted a Princess party. Reminds me I need to do a similar birthday party post for her too…

  2. Belated happy birthday to the little princess 🙂 The party looks and sounds awesome- I wonder what you’ll come up with if you have lots of time on your hands! 😉 This also brought back memories; we had a pink (colour theme) party for Nikki on her third bday; a good way to look at the world through rose tinted glasses- even if just for a day!

  3. So totally cute! My daughters birthday is coming up and we have decided a jungle party 🙂 she is 3, and this is the first time we are actually celebrating her birthday with folks other than her mom and dad 😀