Traditional day at school – Radha Costume

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Lil p had traditional day at school today… n she went dressed in this getup… a lovely cotton lehenga that i had bought for her this sankranti (Jan,09)  … Sorry, I don’t have a camera but have some old pics to share…
The ornaments are all made of sugar**.. and are from a function called bornahan.

** More details on the sugar ornaments can be found here

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  1. Hey lovely dress and very sweet pic 🙂
    Henh makalhu eshtu chanda alva 🙂

    We also say that while distributing til-gud ‘Elhu bella thindu olhe maathanadi’ Unity in diversity 🙂

  2. Hey ur a maharashtrian !! cool…i am too !! I just love the bor-nahn function for the kids…my son had his this past January, and it was great fun. I am trying to preserve his ‘halvyache-daginey’…got some tips for that?

  3. She looks cho chweet! 🙂 And the ornaments too (made from sugar 8O)

    We, in gujarat, too ahve this makarsankranti as a festival though not too elaborate… but we too eat til-gud and such things 🙂

  4. @Mohan – Updated the post just for u 🙂
    @Neelum: I don’t think the daginey can be saved for more than 2 years.. they are bio-degradable.

    Some tips from the site i posted.
    After care
    Sugar jewellery should be wrapped in butter paper and stored in an airtight plastic bag. It should not be opened during the monsoon season as the sugar melts owing to the moisture and humidity in the air. With proper care, sugar jewellery lasts about one to one-and-a-half years.

    @Sakhi: 🙂 yup. Sugar ornaments.
    In maharashtra it is a bigg function. Young kids and newly married couple are bedekked in these ornaments! 🙂

  5. @Swaram: Its amazing to have a baby girl! So many dresses are available!! 🙂 These are the ready made ones available in safina plaza.

  6. Wow.. that is so nice of you to post a link for the detailed info on sugar ornaments!

    Here in Karnataka too, we have the tradition of distributing small toys kind of structures made of Sugar during makar sankranti. These will be in various avatars like gods, shapes etc., This is usually exchanged along with ‘Ellu'(sesame seeds), ‘Bella'(Jaggery) and ‘Kabbu'(Sugarcane).

  7. I somehow really love the Black n Orange Pavadai combination. I had one (which I’d got as a hand me down from a reluctant sis who loved it too 😀 )
    Lil P looks cho chweet 🙂

  8. chooo..chweet! I love the outfit and love the combo, black and orange..beautiful! Looks like little sugar balls!

  9. Nice picture. Nice blog. Cute kid. But don’t let the ants nearby.

    Happy diwali to you and your family.

  10. @lostworld: Hehe Thanks!! She IS our lil princess 🙂
    @Meira: Really?? Hehe ur sis must not have been happy to pass it on.. I know i never liked to pass on my stuff to my sis!! Its a tradition to dress kids in black on sankranti in maharashtra.
    @Sands: YES!! Its sugar! 🙂
    @Mohan.. Yes i am from belgaum.. n my mother is from maharashtra n dad from karnataka.. We follow both customs.. I gave the sakkare acchu also as part of sankranti! 🙂

    @Sole: This is a ready made langa available at safina plaza bangalore.
    @newmum : Hiii 🙂 Thanks and welcome here.

    @SG: LOL .. Yup keeping the ants far far away! ..