3 Simple Valentine Heart Card Ideas

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valentine heart card ideas

Nothing says I Love you or I care for you more than a hand made or hand painted card. My daughter loves to make cards for family & friends and we are always on the lookout for some simple ideas. Over the many years we have made many simple cards and here are the pics and simple steps on how to make

Valentine Heart Card Ideas perfect for little kids

Crayon Resist Heart Card

First is the Crayon resist heart card..
1. Take a glossy card 4×6
2. Take various coloured crayons and randomly draw thick heart outlines. We used pink , green & red oil pastels.
3. Colour them in with yellow crayons. Fill the hearts completely.
4. Dip a sponge in a watered down colour.. we used orange tempera colour.
5. lightly rub over the card in horizontal strokes .. The crayon will resist paint.
6. Let dry

icecream hearts

We made lots of random icecream cards that open to reveal a heart .  Please see  Esther’s icecream idea… and Ayesha’s  Heart Bouquet Card the inspiration behind this craft.
1. Take a printout of a icecream cone on a plain sheet of paper..
2. fold the paper along one edge of the icecream cone.
3. Cut out the icecream shape being careful not to cut the folded edge.
4. Open to reveal a heart..
5. Colour away – we made strawberry icecream cones with strawberry toppings, Butterscotch with chocolate sprinkles & dark chocolate with a cherry on top
6. Write your message inside.. and gift it to your kiddie friends.

Icecream Heart card
Spray painted hearts

We love to spray paint with a toothbrush..  For this simple card,
1. We cut little paper hearts from newspapers and placed them flat on our 6×4 card stock.
2. Then we made a slightly watery concoction of dark pink acrylic colour ( I love using acrylic colour for spray painting as its more localized and dries faster ) ..
3. spray away.. We used an old toothbrush, but you can use a spray bottle too.
4. wait for it to completely dry before lifting the little hearts


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  1. @Roopa: They are quick and easy and kids love the messy art.. Glad you like them.
    @Shama: Thank you. Hugs. Thank you for commenting so regularly.. I really appreciate it.
    @maro: Welcome here.. Please do try and then share the pics.. Hope your students enjoy them too.