Valentine’s Clay Penguin Photo Holder

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Penguins are usually seen all over the place during winter and Christmas and may stretch to as far as January. Few people would expect them to stick around till February, and certainly not till Valentine’s Day! But come to think of it, penguins are just too adorable to resist, and Valentine’s Day is THE holiday for cutesy gifts. When you look at it this way, penguins should probably be the poster-birds for the day of love! Well, we certainly think so, which is why we have today for you, a cute little Valentine’s Clay Penguin photo holder craft. Quick, easy and super cute!

Valentine’s Clay Penguin Photo Holder

Clay Valentine Penguin Couple DIY 1


  • Homemade cold porcelain clay (You can follow our recipe for porcelain clay here)
  • Acrylic paints in colors of black, white, red, green, brown and pink
  • Plastic sheet
  • Clay tools
  • Photo holder


1.  From your homemade porcelain clay, take around three-fourths of it and mix white paint into it. 2. Take a small amount of this white clay and shape it into an egg. Make one more egg using the white clay but this time make it slightly smaller than the previous egg. These are the bodies of our penguin couple.

Clay Penguin Photo Holder1

3. Take some more white clay and make a flat round disc. You can give it some texture by making small dots on the surface with a pointed clay tool, or any other pointed object.

Clay Penguin Photo Holder21

4.  Take small bits of white clay and shape them into teardrops. Flatten them to make the penguin’s wings.   Fix them on the sides of the larger penguin’s body. 5. Repeat the same process with some brown clay to make brown wings. Fix these on the smaller penguin’s body.

Clay Penguin Photo Holder22

6. Take another bit of brown clay and shape them into three tiny teardrops. Fix them together to make the penguin’s feet. Make one pair of brown feet for the big penguin and another pair in red clay for the small penguin.

7. Time for the faces! Make small circular eyes out of black clay and a tiny pointed beak with orange clay for each penguin.

8. To make the flowers, pinch out six small balls from the pink clay. Smoothen them out and stick them in a flower pattern. Stick these flowers on the little penguin’s head.

9. Repeat the process to make a few red flowers for the foreground. For leaves, make tiny teardrop shapes out of green clay, flatten them slightly and stick them beside the red flowers.

Clay Penguin Photo Holder23

10. For the bigger penguin’s hat, take two pieces of black clay. Flatten one into a disc and shape the other one into a short cylinder. Stick this cylinder on the disc and create a small dent on top to make it look like a realistic hat! 11. Show the penguin’s love by adding a red heart! Push a photo holder through the penguin and let it dry.

Clay Valentine Penguin Couple DIY 1 3

Aren’t these two just adorable? Nothing like a pair of lovey-dovey penguins to turn you to mush on Valentine’s Day! If you’ve been looking for the perfect gift for that special someone, this Valentine’s Clay Penguin Photo Holder should work. Just put in a cute picture of yourself to seal the deal!


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