What makes a GREAT DAD?

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SBI Life is asking dads ‘Are you a great dad?” through its latest campaign that’s being shared with the hastag #GreatDad. The campaign has a beautiful ad film at the center that emphasizes fatherhood and the doubts each father has, if he is doing enough for his child. Watch this beautiful video ..

So, What makes a GREAT DAD? 

what makes a gread dad

  • LOVE – When he was upset, instead of yelling, he showed love. When I was  upset,  He showed love. When we least expected it, he showed me love. Everything else was  just details. I don’t  remember my dad ever raising his voice at me.. or him ever hitting me. Even today, I love rushing into his arms for big bear hugs.  My biggest Fan, My ever- ready hug giver, My tear wiper .. My hand holder.
  • RESPECT – When mom was working in the kitchen, he was right there next to her , cutting, chopping , ever helping- No job was just mom’s duty.  Even learnt to tie plaits if that helped getting to school on time. My Master Chef.  As kids we would watch fascinated as he would churn our Weekly special dishes. each was his signature dish as he never remembered what went into it and so it was something new every time!
  • WIT –  The one with the wittiest answers.  Even when things were at their lowest, he would laugh at the humor in the situation. My  Therapist. My stress buster. Our wedding was a stressful time. His witty wise cracks  kept the situation diffused & even after 9 years, I still remember them with a smile.
  • FREEDOM –  Freedom to take our own decisions. Freedom to make our own mistakes. My guidance counceller. Waiting , watching, always present. I still remember once when I fell sick and stubbornly traveled alone. He let me take that decision, but realized the gravity of the problem and caught the next train to make sure I was ok when I landed.  But being a great dad means  always making sure to be there for their kids.

and now when I see my Husband interacting with my daughter, I relive my childhood joys all over again. Plus now my daughter has two #GreatDads.. Like they say, only Greatdads get promoted to Grandpa.


So,  What makes a GREAT DAD?  What are their endearing qualities that you most admire? Don’t forget to leave a comment below.. I’d love to read about the #GreatDads in your life..





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