Australian aboriginal art

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Australian aboriginal art

DSC05946 1

Though I am no expert… I really wanted to try some simple local art from Australia for the Artsy-Craftsy June. [ Introducing various Folk crafts around the world to children]

.. Aboriginal art has been around for many hundreds of thousands of years. Aboriginal rock carvings and paintings date back at least 30,000 years and tell the stories of the artists who painted them. Australian Aboriginal art is the oldest form of artistic expression in the world. 


Some of their gorgeous art [ via ]

DSC02080danny eastwood
DSC01893aborig turt+goanna

My small attempt to recreate this style at home… the latest addition to my garden 🙂

Acrylic on stone
DSC05945 1

Notice how similar this is to gond style of India?? If you have posts on a DIY folk craft, link it in the Artsy-Craftsy-June challenge that happening this month.

Edited to add –
Over the weekend I tried my hand at two other art styles, the Gond & Madhubani folk crafts.[ Tutorial here ]


What do you think??

Lil p wanted to display these and her art work in her room and since we live in a rental place, options are limited. I just can’t go on hammering nails into the walls. So we made a makeshift clothesline in her room to hang all our art work..


Not too happy with the results… Might paint 2 electricity poles at each end & add a few birds.. [ a DIY project for next weekend ] The nails were already in place and so the crooked line 🙁 Any suggestions to improve this? [ without adding additional nails]

Linking this to patty’s Weekend wrap up..


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  1. Beautiful Shruti! Aboriginal art is GORGEOUS! They remind me of pointillism. Love the range of colours.
    I know how limiting a rental apartment can be…:(

  2. @Shama : Thanks 🙂
    @Emreen. Thank you. I used a tooth pick to put the dots.
    @Swaram: next post is up too
    @Deepa: yes i thought of the same thing. 🙂 there is a similarity between warli & ancient african scriptures.. and gond & aboriginal styles..
    @Rema: welcome here and thanks 🙂

  3. Hi Shruti, I was looking at some painting styles to engage my 2.8 year old and dot painting seems to be a fabulous idea! When I was looking for Australian aboriginal painting – I stumbled on to your turtle 😀 and that’s when it hit me, I should have searched on your blog than searching on google…Also, on reading your post, I cant help but compare the Gond style…I think this is a great post! Just needs to be shared more and loved more 😀