Crumpled Paper Sunflower Craft

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This Crumpled Paper Sunflower Craft is perfect for little kids to exercise their fine motor muscles and hone their concentration – all while crumpling paper!

One thing I love about paper crafts is that it’s perfect for every age. No matter how old you are or how advanced or non-existent your craft skills are, paper crafts are something you can make for sure!

For young children who’re just starting out crafting, paper is the perfect medium. They can learn cutting, sticking, folding and many other skills with paper. And when you use colored craft paper, it becomes all the more interesting!

Today, we’ve got a simple project that’ll teach kids another technique with paper – crumpling! Now this crumpled paper sunflower craft is going to be a whole lot of fun, while also helping little kids strengthen their fine motor muscles and also develop their concentration while they go crumple, crumple!

Crumpled Paper Sunflower Craft

Crumpled paper Sunflower Craft featured

Supplies Required:

  • Craft paper in green, yellow, brown and white
  • Card stock
  • Jumbo Popsicle stick
  • Pencil
  • Scissors 
  • Glue

Crumpled paper Sunflower Step 6 2

How to make the Crumpled Paper Sunflower Craft:

1. Cut out little squares from the yellow and brown craft paper.

Crumpled paper Sunflower Step 1 2

2. Crumple the squares as shown below. Use the pencil to draw a sunflower shape on the card stock and cut it out.

Crumpled paper Sunflower Step 2 2

3. Apply glue on the card stock and stick the crumpled pieces on it. Use brown for the center and yellow for the petals.

Crumpled paper Sunflower Step 3 2

4. Fill in the sunflower completely and let it dry.

Crumpled paper Sunflower Step 4 2

5. From the green craft paper, cut out a leaf shape and little squares. Crumple the squares as shown below.

Crumpled paper Sunflower Step 5 2

6. Apply glue on the leaf shape and stick the crumpled green pieces on it. Let it dry.

Crumpled paper Sunflower Step 7 2

7. Assemble the sunflower by sticking the flower and the leaf to the Popsicle stick with glue.

Crumpled paper Sunflower Craft pin

Isn’t this crumpled paper sunflower craft just easy breezy? This is also a good stress reliever for older kids – there is something meditative about simply sitting quietly and crumpling little pieces of paper, one by one. Maybe you should try it yourself and see how well it works!

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Crumpled paper Sunflower Craft

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