Cute Fall Gnome Bookmarks Paper Craft

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Finishing up your Fall reading? Let these fall gnome bookmarks help you achieve your reading goal this season, in style!

When you think of the center of the earth, it seems like a dark, lonely place that’s super hot, and absolutely inhabitable. However, according to ancient Renaissance mythology, there are people who live there – mysterious creatures called gnomes!

Apparently, gnomes live under the ground, all the way to the center of the earth. They often have lots of money, and enjoy helping others. Maybe that’s one of the reasons there are so many garden gnomes – they live below the surface of the earth and are just surfacing for a short while!

When you think about it, gnomes have a lot in common with leprechauns and goblins, but gnomes do seem to be a tad friendlier than the others. That’s why we think they would make the perfect reading companions – in the form of these fall gnome bookmarks!

These are really easy to make – just download, print and assemble! You don’t need too many supplies either, just regular things like craft paper, scissors and glue. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can make these, so go ahead and make a collection!

Cute Fall Gnome Bookmarks Paper Craft

Finishing up your Fall reading? Let these fall gnome bookmarks help you achieve your reading goal this season, in style!

Supplies required:

  • Colored craft papers
  • Sharpies
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Finishing up your Fall reading? Let these fall gnome bookmarks help you achieve your reading goal this season, in style!

How to make the Fall Gnome Bookmarks Paper Craft:

1. Download and print the fall gnome bookmarks template. Cut out the gnome and other patterns from the template. The template includes one page of the gnome base and another page with the other parts. 


2. Select different colored craft papers including orange, brown and red colored craft papers for the fall gnome bookmarks.  Trace and cut out the gnome and other prop patterns from the template.

Gnome Steps 1

3. Attach the hand cutouts on the open straight ends of the sleeve cutouts. Attach the shoe cutouts on either ends of the leg (socks) cutouts (strips). Cut out a small piece of craft foam and attach it in the middle of the nose cutout.

Gnome Steps 2

4. Use a sharpie to draw stripes on the sock patterns and polka dot (or any other pattern of your choice) on the hat cutout.

Gnome Steps 3

5. Attach the moustache near the top side of the beard cutout, 1cm below the top to be precise. Attach the nose right above the moustache, keeping the foam part facing down.

Gnome Steps 4

6. Attach the leg patterns on the bottom side of the body base cutout (round side) and attach the hat pattern on the top side of the head pattern.

Gnome Steps 5

7. Attach the head on the top side of the body base pattern.

Gnome Steps 6

8. Apply glue along the open side of the arm patterns (sleeve + hand) and attach it on the side of the body base, keeping the rest of the arm free from glue.

Gnome Steps 7

9. Similarly, attach the other arm pattern on the other side of the body base.

Gnome Steps 8

10. Time to make the pumpkin props! Trace, cut out and paste the pumpkin patterns. Attach the pumpkin with the hands, keeping the hands to the front side of the pumpkin.

Gnome Steps 9

That’s it! Your Fall Gnome Bookmarks are done!

Gnome Four 4

You can use your imagination so that your gnome holds anything you like, and not just pumpkins or sunflowers! They could hold a latte, or a book themselves! We love how the gnome’s hands so perfectly hold your page so you never waste time searching for your page. We’ve also got some more fall themed bookmarks like a hedgehog bookmark, a quokka bookmark and some corner vegetable bookmarks. These are great for personal use or to make and give your friends. So go ahead, and catch up on all that fall reading before the season ends!

Gnome Four 1 1

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