DIY Gigantic Styrofoam Plate spiders – Halloween party decor

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Signing in to share a quickie craft for Halloween. Though its not a festival that we celebrate, the apartment kids do venture our for Trick or treating and like always, Lil p expects our house corridor to be spooktacular!

I have been really really busy with work this past week and have been coming home only by 9.30 Pm. That meant we hardly had any time to decorate. But these huge spiders are really easy to make and will be a big hit for a Halloween party . So here’s how we made our

DIY Gigantic Styrofoam Plate spiders – Halloween party decor

DIY Gigantic Syrofoam Plate spiders - Halloween party


For this you will need

  1. 2 Paper  / Thermocol / Styrofoam or leaf plate  – we used an 18″ diameter one & a 6 inch one
  2. Black paint – acrylic
  3. white circles
  4. Black marker
  5. Sponge optional
  6. Lots of newspapers
  7. Lots of black pipecleaners
  8. staplers
  9. double sided foam tape

DIY Gigantic Syrofoam Plate spiders - Halloween party decor

To make

  1. lay all your paper plates on top on newspapers.
  2. Using a sponge and acrylic colors, paint the backside of the plates..Let dry overnight
  3. If you don’t want to use plates, you can use black construction paper . Trace the largest plate in your house and cut .. to make gigantic spiders.
  4. The advantage of using a Styrofoam  plate for us was that I had the used ones neatly washed and kept aside for crafting and they hold their shaped.
  5. we pierced the plate with chenille sticks directly and bent them & twisted them securely. You can use chart paper accordion folded for the legs too.
  6. We used old price tag stickers cut into circles for the eyes.
  7. Coloured using markers .. a few lines on the body gave the illusion id them being hairy spiders.
  8. and finally we just stapled some black net to make spider nets. I don’t have a pic of them.
  9. To mount them on the wall, we used double sided foam tapes
  10. It was so much fun, we ended up making many spiders .. some big , some small, some smiley, some ferocious with eight eyes. All crawling over our front porch and door.
  11. Tomorrow’s trick or treating is going to be fun.

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