Simple and Cute Paper Bag Badger Craft For Kids

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Love badgers? Then this adorable paper bag badger craft for kids is the perfect project for you to try this week! Great for learning about omnivores.

We’ve often heard of animals signaling the arrival of a season, like the rains. It is widely believed that peacocks dance and frogs croak before it rains, Badgers signal the arrival of Spring. Although badgers are active throughout the year, the best badger watching period is probably April to June as this is when the cubs are most active and they often play around the sett while it is still daylight.

Fun facts about Badgers

Did you know this? 

  • Just like humans, badgers live in homes with their families and love spending time with relatives.
  • Though badgers can’t see very well, their keen sense of smell is about 800 times sharper than our own.
  • Badgers are opportunistic feeders, changing their diet with the seasonal availability of prey. Some of them are Omnivores. 

When is National Badger Day? 

National Badger Day is on Thursday, October 6th, 2022. National Badger Day raises awareness of the need to protect badgers from human predation and brings issues of habitat and health concerns to the common man

The badger’s simple and distinctive black and white coat make it the perfect candidate for a Paper bag puppet. This adorable paper bag badger craft is simple to make and a lot of fun to play with.  Club it with your favorite woodland animal storybook or use them for imaginative play in a homemade puppet theatre.

Simple and Cute Paper Bag Badger Craft For Kids

Paper Bag Badger Puppet Pin 1

Supplies required:  – 

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  • Paper bag
  • Craft paper in black and grey
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil

Paper Bag Badger Puppet Craft 7

How to make the Paper Bag Badger Craft:

1. Download and print the paper bag badger puppet craft template. The template includes parts for the badger’s head, tail, feet, eye patches, eyes, nose, and inner ears.

Paper Bag Badger Puppet Template 1

2. Trace the paper bag badger craft template parts on craft paper and cut them out. We’ve used black for the eye patches, nose, and inner ears, as well as grey for the rest. Cut out a rectangle from the grey paper the size of the paper bag.

Paper Bag Badger Puppet Craft 1

3. Assemble the head by sticking the inner ears in the appropriate position on the badger’s head. Stick the feet on the grey rectangle. 

Paper Bag Badger Puppet Craft 2

4. Stick the tail on the back of the rectangle that is the badger’s body.

Paper Bag Badger Puppet Craft 5

5. Now stick the eye patches on the badger’s head. Isn’t it looking more and more like the paper bag badger craft now?

Paper Bag Badger Puppet Craft 3

6. The badger’s face is taking shape – stick on the eyes and nose and the face is done!

Paper Bag Badger Puppet Craft 4

7. It’s time to put the paper bag badger craft together! Gather all the parts and lay them out.

Paper Bag Badger Puppet Craft 6

8. Stick the rectangle on the brown paper bag, just below the flap with the fold. Stick the badger’s face on the flap. 

Paper Bag Badger Puppet Insta 1

Use this puppet while learning about Badgers, what are omnivores, and the letter B. This craft also works really well as a prop while you cozy up reading these fantastic Badger Picture Books. Here are some suggestions. 

Badger Books for kids

Time to settle down for a quiet read with book recommendations for all ages from our badger supporters.

Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl

Picture Books featuring badgers 1

Roald Dahl’s tale of Mr. Fox’s adventures and cunning escapades has been loved by children for generations.  The tale is about Mr. Fox pitting his survival skills against the three farmers who wish to get rid of him and features his many friends, including his best friend, Mr. Badger. Als check out – Paper Plate Fantastic Mr. Fox Craft

First Notes of Spring by Jessica Kulekjian  (Author), Jennifer Bower  (Illustrator)

Picture Books featuring badgers 2

Watch the seasons change in this funny, charming picture book about being true to yourself featuring Juniper the badger that’s sure to leave readers with a spring in their step.

Badger’s Fancy Meal by Keiko Kasza  (Author)

Picture Books featuring badgers 3

 A funny/silly story about a hungry badger who goes looking for a fancy meal. A short story plus cute illustrations and a “the grass is always greener / be content with what you’ve got” message. 


Badger’s Perfect Garden by Marsha Diane Arnold  (Author), Ramona Kaulitzki (Illustrator)

Picture Books featuring badgers 4

It’s springtime and Badger is ready to plant the perfect garden. He has spent months gathering and sorting seeds. Badger can already imagine the perfect rows of flowers and vegetables. But then a rainstorm comes and washes away the beautiful seeds. Badger’s perfect garden is ruined. Or is it? Author Marsha Diane Arnold’s gentle story will encourage young readers to think beyond plans and expectations and imagine the wonderful possibilities that may occur when life and nature have other ideas.

More Ideas 

We’ve been taking a lot of walks in the woods recently watching the season start to change so I thought it would be fun to make some woodland animals – Check out our post 10 Fascinating Forest Crafts for Kids for more ideas!

The forests are calling! It's the International Day of Forests this 21st March, and we're celebrating with a bunch of fascinating forest crafts for kids!

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The forests are calling! It's the International Day of Forests this 21st March, and we're celebrating with a bunch of fascinating forest crafts for kids!

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