Why self-care for moms is important and how to do it – #MomFirst

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Do you take care of everyone else before yourself? This Mother’s Day let’s put #MomFirst. Learn why self-care is important, and how you can do it too.

My head is literally bursting with too many thoughts, to-dos, and tasks.

Buy vegetables for tomorrow’s Noodle Class Party.

Pay the Electricity bill.

Schedule my mom’s health check-up.

Do you take care of everyone else before yourself? This Mother’s Day let’s put #MomFirst. Learn why self-care for moms is important, and how you can do it too.

Our time is so consumed with others, we tend to put our Children First, our Family First, heck! even the Housework First before we think of ourselves.

How many times have you taken a super quick shower because your child needed to be somewhere?

Or forgot about that cup of coffee because you had to pack your child’s dabba?

And we pay money for the innumerable hobby classes for our children while canceling our own Zumba membership (Who has the time for that!!).

But the thing is, focusing on everyone else instead of prioritizing ourselves actually does our loved ones more harm than good. How?


It’s easy to feel burned out. Forgetting to care for ourselves isn’t sustainable.

It steals the joys of parenthood. In our quest to do it all, we’re not able to enjoy the moment. The exhaustion takes a toll on the way we raise our kids. They start to test our patience all while we lose our tempers.



So, this Mother’s Day, and every day, to all the women out there who put their family first, I want to encourage you to put yourself first for a change. #MomFirst is a beautiful campaign that is being promoted by India Gate Foods.

Watch the video –



My biggest #MomFirst moment was 3 years back.

I was working full time and blogging on the side. I was taking care of the home, the office, my daughter, her school commitments, everything, because my husband had to travel for work frequently.

In all that mad rush, I had forgotten what I needed, what I wanted from my life and what kind of a parent I wanted to be. I didn’t want to be the angry parent! I definitely did not want to be the emotional wife!

So, I took a decision that day. I walked into my manager’s office, a place where I had worked 13 years, and told him -“Sir, Today I am resigning from my work and will be pursuing my dream and my passions. I will be blogging full time. ”

It’s been three years since that day and each day I’m thankful that I decided to put myself first. My family too has not been happier!

Here’s the video where I share my thoughts on this –

I’m a better mom, waking up with enthusiasm every day. I still put my Family First when they need me, but I no longer feel guilty about putting Myself first occasionally too.

By demonstrating that it’s okay to take the time to care for yourself, I am teaching my daughter how to do the same for herself.



I’m not asking you to take a drastic decision like quitting your job or going on a solo trip to see Europe like I did but start by reserving pockets of time, big or small, every day, to do something you love.

Say you always wanted to meditate: wake up five minutes early before anyone else is up. Finding the time for self-care in a busy life isn’t simple or clear-cut, but it’s not impossible too.

Eg., Once my husband comes home from work, I take a 30-minute break while he focuses his full attention on our daughter. To read a book, go for a walk alone or to write a post. 30 minutes all to myself, no interruptions and for me to recharge.

Being a mother is a beautiful gift, but it is also a job that often requires us to juggle the needs of so many other people. It is easy to forget that you (yes, the MOM) need to come first too.

This Mother’s Day, make yourself a priority because motherhood is best when you do it your way. #MomFirst

What do you best like doing when you have time for yourself? Don’t forget to share your #MomFirst moments with me here in comments or on Facebook. 

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  1. Very true. We moms need to learn how to make some time for ourselves!!
    Just the other day I was thinking how, the only me time I ever get nowadays is the time I spend in the bathroom!! And sometimes, not even that!! (lol)