Teacher’s Day card – Handmade

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Keeping in line with the theme of the month – Stick Fun, I decided to make 3 cards for Lil P’s teachers at school & day care (for Teacher’s day). I also wanted it to be easy enough for Lil P to be able to help out in the process. Here’s what we made.


Teacher’s Day card

Teacher's Day card
The inside reads
Here’s what we used –
  1. Crepe paper Ribbons cut into circles various sizes
  2. White Card stock paper cut into 12×6 Inch rectangle.
  3. Glue stick
  4. Green acrylic paint for the stem & leaves


  1. Fold the card stock paper to form a 6×6 inch square card.
  2. Cut the Green ribbon vertically halfway to form the grass.
  3. Cut 1 large circle & 1 small circle from 4 contrasting colored ribbons. I used Purple, Yellow, Blue and Orange.
  4. Paste as shown in the pic. Lil p did the entire pasting on her own.
  5. Paint the stem and leaves using a brush.
We had so much fun that we ended up making 11 of the same..
I plan to make another handmade gift for her teachers. Any suggestions???
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  1. Wow very pretty! U cn do anything with whatsoever is available no – awesome 🙂
    LOL I think I shud make a wifey anthem this way 😛

  2. Lovely idea shruti…Even i am plannig to make something for aryan’s teachers…Can I use your idea and make this card for them?

    Aryan’s Mom